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Joomla World Conference 2015 recap & why you should go next time!

Joomla World Conference 2015 recap & why you should go next time!


Inspiring, exciting and memorable.

That’s what we felt about our very first time attending Joomla World Conference which was held in Bangalore, India on 6th-8th November.

Seeing other Joomlers from different continents in flesh and bones, talking to them and having good time sharing the mutual love with Joomla together made an unforgettable experience in our heart. Now that although we already came back from JWC 2015, the feeling hasn’t changed a bit.

Exciting Joomla World Conference 2015 in the mysterious India

This year, JWC 2015 was held in India and personally I think it brought a better chance for Asia to have a more important role in Joomla community. JoomlaShine is proud to be one of the Sponsors for JWC this year. Joined as the delegates from JoomlaShine, we participated in many discussions where we contributed our ideas about the future of Joomla (and that was so inspiring!).

I especially like the fact that the 3-day-JWC was taken place in Bangalore city which is considered as the Silicon Valley of India. It wasn’t a coincident when the great minds and great hearts of Joomla met together at the new hub of technology.

I also love all the sessions we shared together at this event, from the exciting Joomla 4 introduction by Marco Dings to how Joomla got its new design and the atomic design talk with a fascinating approach to web design as well as development… There was also much fun in Serious Play session by Marko Rillo.

Day 2 of JWC continued the fun and exchanging thought atmosphere with a 3-hour long (but not boring at all) workshop by Brad Frost. I got a full note of his sharing about the factors that need to be improved in a responsive design to bring a better UX to user as well as keep the high quality in coding structure.

Time flew so fast and it came to the last productive day at JWC 2015 with many interesting sessions for Joomla developers and users. The most memorable thing on that day was a meeting organized among Joomla PLT members to discuss about Joomla 4 architecture. Chris Davenport, Marco Dings, Johan Jansens and some other Joomla developers shared their ideas on how to improve Joomla core and minimized the lost when upgrading from 3.x to 4. This is a really important factor for Joomla 4 as it must not break the backward compatibility in Joomla 3.x.

From all I’ve received from this grand event, I would definitely grab a ticket to Vancouver, Canada and join JWC 2016 next year!


Joomla World Conference 2015 Gallery


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Why your first Joomla World Conference is a must-not-skip?





A lot, I have to say.

JWC is where you can find hours of useful knowledge sharing sessions from dedicated Joomla speakers. Don’t worry that the knowledge might be difficult or too easy for you. The topic range is wide and they pitched at many levels.

Plus, you don’t have to pay overly high cash to a course with a few go-to-the-point talks. At JWC, you get straight-to-the-point and bloody experience lesson from the experts. Just take a look at the sessions in JWC 2015 below and tell me: aren’t these talks beneficial to your journey with Joomla?



Get inspired


I remember reading else where someone called JWC a Joomler fever – and I think it’s true. Attending JWC, you’ll get infected with the great inspiration from great heads and maybe will be like me, become really excited to try new ideas.

Beside the curiosity of a first-time attendee, your mind will be open to a new horizon by the ways of thinking you’ve never had before. Also, the Joomler spirit in you will be fired up and you’ll see how much you love Joomla family as well as get inspired to contribute more into the community.




You’ll meet many like-minded Joomlers at JWC! There are hundreds of people joining so that’s why you’ll always have the chance to meet with people similar to you. Plus, the Joomler community is extra friendly and open-minded – I’m sure you’ll get many new friends all over the globe at a JWC.

More than that, you’ll have the chance to meet with people you’ve been wishing to meet or find new referral to do business with. There are unlimited networking possibilities at JWC.


Get hired


Who knows, you might get new job or collaboration invitations from the sponsors at their booths, or even from the fellow Joomlers you’ve been talking with or just sitting right next to you!

JWC is a hub that attracts all kinds of Joomlers – web designer, developer, SEOer, web agency, author, marketer, entrepreneur, etc. So the possibilities to get noticed and introduce yourself to the job providers are there, right?




Learning from the Joomla specialists will level up your Joomla knowledge.

Meeting with Joomla entrepreneurs and asking for their advice helps you sharpen up your business skills.

And last but not least, it’s a good chance to nail your local Joomla meetup better (if you’re belong to a local Joomla group) by looking at how JWC is organized.

Convincing yet?

Keep an eye on the Joomla calendar for the Joomla event happening near you. And don’t forget the next Joomla world Conference will be held in Canada next year!

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