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Joomla! World Conference 2017 Wrap Up


From Nov 17th to Nov 19th, 2017, Joomla! World Conference (JWC) was successfully held in Sheraton Roma Hotel & Conference Center, Rome, Italy, with more than sixty professional speakers and many sponsors who come from all around the world.

JoomlaShine, like many other famous Joomla! Developers, is also a Bronze Sponsor of JWC 2017. The sponsorship was maintained for many years, with the mission from JoomlaShine is to support and contribute to the development of Joomla! Communities. Beside JWC 2017, JoomlaShine was Bronze Sponsor of JAB 2017 in Poland and JWC 2016 in Canada with the strong recognition of JSN PowerAdmin and JSN Sun Framework.   

JWC is the biggest Jooma! event in 2017 which brings together communities and experts to discuss and connect with others about Joomla! Ecosystem and the future development for the CMS. Most of topics in JWC 2017 are about Joomla! projects, data and security, and some upcoming trends for Joomla! Users. Moreover, Joomla! Administration Exam is also conducted in JWC 2017, the exam now is available in both English and Italian.    

JoomlaShine will be with Joomla! in JWC 2018 and many other Joomla! events. If you, a Joomla! User, weren’t have a chance to see us in any Joomla! event, let’s come and see us next time.

Release JSN Ferado 2 version 2.0.0
JSN Sun Framework is upgraded to version 2.0.2

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