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JoomlaShine releases new template versions in January 2018.


After the successful release of JSN Ultranet at the end of December 2017, JoomlaShine continues to date new versions of JSN Templates. In January 2018, we would like to announce version 2.0.0 of JSN Tendo 2, JSN Artista 2, JSN Fidem 2, JSN Glass 2, and JSN Ferado 2. These 5 new template versions are on discount 30% off, which are available until February 9, 2018.    

JSN Ferado 2 - New template design with 2 distinctive homepages.

JSN Ferado 2 is optimized for both VirtueMart and redShop, 2 popular Joomla! E-commerce solutions, and now the new version brings 2 new homepages which have improved in designs and features. The template also supports checkout flow for the 2 e-commerce solutions by professional front-end designs.

Click JSN Ferado 2 to see more detail about the template.

JSN Glass 2 - New versions with more optimizations for Joomla! Ecommerce.

The template is updated with modern design and optimization for Joomla! stores. Some significant features of JSN Glass 2 are extended styles for HikaShop, 6 color variations, support for Joomla! default content, and beautiful pre-built pages.

Click JSN Glass 2 to see more detail about the template.

JSN Fidem 2 - More support for events and funding

As you know about JSN Fidem 2, the template is an outstanding Joomla! a religious and spiritual template which is suitable for churches, NGO or charity. JSN Fidem 2 supports events and funding by extended styles for 2 extensions Joomla! Events Booking and Joom Donation.

Click JSN Fidem 2 to see more detail about the template.

JSN Artista 2 - One more option for homepage

The new JSN Artista 2 has one more beautiful homepage with a clean and clear design, different photo gallery presentation, and new menu styles. The template has stunning pre-built pages including a page for image showcases, which provides 6 theme options to present photos. JSN Artista 2 also supports JSN ImageShow, the powerful Joomla! extensions for photo galleries.

Click JSN Artista 2 to see more detail about the template.



JSN Tendo 2 - Stunning design for Joomla! portfolio websites

JSN Tendo 2 will impress you with an amazing design for the image gallery. The template supports 9 theme options for JSN ImageShow, provides creative pre-built pages, and displays perfectly Joomla! default content.

Click JSN Tendo 2 to see more detail about the template.


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