JoomlaShine showcase: JSN Pixel is on radio stations

JoomlaShine is happy to share you the real experience with our products from a website developer: Nick Morgan. Nick is managing some beautiful radio station websites and he would love to tell you about the process he build a website.

Are you ready with the journey? Let’s start right now.


I’m Nick Morgan the Digital Manager for West Coast Radio in Mandurah, just south of Perth, in Western Australia. We operate two radio stations 97.3 Coast FM and 1116 6mm and their associated websites. We were originally running two WordPress websites developed by an external company, but found the websites inflexible and not-mobile friendly.

Real showcase with JSN Pixel

Real showcase with JSN Pixel:

About a year ago we embarked on a mission to move all web development in-house and make our websites mobile friendly using responsive design. We deciding on using Joomla as a CMS for its flexibility and mobile friendliness.

Why you choose our products?

We looked at a lot of templates from many providers, but ended up choosing JSN Pixel from JoomlaShine in the end. We’re using Joomla 2.5 but plan on migrating to Joomla 3.2 soon (the template supports both versions which makes it easier).

The template is very flexible and easy to work with from the backend. We just changed some of the CSS to suit our needs (with help from the support team at JoomlaShine). It works well with one of your other extensions JSN UniForm, which I believe is the best form solution for Joomla. Believe me, we tried out a LOT of form makers. JSN UniForm works well on mobile devices, is quick and easy to implement and so suits our needs as we make new forms almost daily.

Do you have any trouble when using JoomlaShine products combined with other popular extensions?

We use many other extensions all of which play well with the JSN Pixel template, including: EasyBlog, Simple Image Gallery Pro, Ohanah Events and Podcast Manager. Overall we were very happy with the template and prompt support we received from the team at JoomlaShine!

JSN Pixel with EasyBlog

JSN Pixel with EasyBlog

Thanks Nick for useful information he provided. Do you have any story or any tips that you want to share? Feel free to leave the comment below or contact us directly.

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