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JoomlaShine Starts Refreshing Demo Interfaces of Selected Templates

JoomlaShine Starts Refreshing Demo Interfaces of Selected Templates


As stated in our slogan, all changes to JSN products are to achieve one single purpose: “Let’s make your Joomla shine”. After a period of research, JSN decided to refresh the demo interfaces of selected templates, which will bring a gorgeous look and up-to-date trends to your websites. This process is running and will be finished in the middle of September.

We would like to make an official announcement about this process and have a look at how your websites will be changed after this update.

New Versions Are Categorized into Clear Topics for Your Usability and Convenience

People often choose templates which have appropriate topics for their usage objectives. Therefore, JSN categorizes templates into clear topics for the best support. This means that if description of old templates is not clear, they will be improved and updated with more features to fit their topics.

JSN currently sets category filters on all templates like this:

  • Business: JSN Epic, JSN Blank, JSN Boot, JSN Escape, JSN Dome, JSN Teki
  • Personal/Portfolio: JSN Tendo, JSN Yoo, JSN Mini, JSN Ares, JSN Venture, JSN Vintage, JSN Air.
  • News/Magazine/Blog/Social: JSN Metro, JSN Corsa, JSN Neon, JSN Venture, JSN Magazine.
  • E-cormmerce: JSN Nuru, JSN Glamo, JSN Kido, JSN Glass
  • Hotel/Restaurant: JSN Sky, JSN Cube, JSN Gruve
  • Education: JSN Solid, JSN Pixel, JSN décor.

They Have More Beautiful, Impressive and Trendy Appearances

You always want to speed up your websites and make their interfaces look better, don’t you? That’s the reason why you should update your website templates to the new versions. Because after updating, you will see that they’re more noticeable in their font styles, color variations, module positions and background colors… But these changes will make your website look trendy and not to out-of-date for 2014. In addition, the latest technologies in web design like HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery are used in all new versions to speed up your website and make them appear gorgeous.

You can experience this by comparing JSN Tendo version 3.0.2 to version 3.0.3. Please take a look at the picture below:



As you can see, version 3.0.3 has been redesigned with a “flat design” style. This style brings it everything that is appropriate for a modern website: removing all 3D illusions (drop shadows, gradients, textures…), focusing on a minimalist use of simple elements, typography and flat colors which make website look easy on the eye.

Improvements and Optimizations

Some of the improvements are fixes to untranslated language text or bugs, and others are optimized with demo images, K2 or Kunera extended style, etc. You can check whether your website templates are out-of-date or not at JSN Products Changelog. This change log will show you what’s new in the latest version.



After being updated, new versions of JSN templates will bring your websites more features, improved stability and better performance. 

The update process is very quick and easy, so all you have to do is follow JSN detailed guidelines for updating, step by step. There is one more thing: you don’t have to worry about your website content and template parameters, because JSN ensures that they remain the same after the update.



Finally, please don’t forget to update to the latest version of your website templates, and share your feelings with us in comments box below. 


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