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JSN Attorney - Joomla Template for the best law firms


In Marketing Next conference, Google mentioned that more than 80% of the users turn to the internet to get help or suggestion for the problems they face. Being a legal problem solver and solution provider owning a website for your law firm is a must. The most important thing you must note in a lawyer website template is, it should be bold and powerful just like your profession.

After a long time for suggestions and our research, we are happy to announce our new member - JSN Attorney. With versatile and highly customizable, JSN Attorney is one of lawyer website templates that can be used for all types of law consultations and other relevant corporate websites.

Now, let’s see the key features of JSN Attorney.

  • 2 user-friendly niches
  • Smart navigation system with mega menu
  • Exclusive add-on service
  • Interaction in the elements
  • Creative title design
  • Built-in page
  • Translation & RTL ready
  • JSN Extensions are supported: JSN PageBuilder 3, PowerAdmin 2
  • Priority support, detailed documentation, and updates
  • Course management features and functions
  • Portfolio ready 
  • SEO for law firm
  • Responsive website template

Box Service Showcasing

With JSN Attorney, you can easy to present the legal practice areas with a solved case list in those particular areas. 

Dedicated About Page

The About page of JSN Attorney displays relevant visuals to inform people what you do and how you do.

Flexible Pre-built pages

Offers a set design of necessary pages for a law firm website. These pages will help you save more time to build a law website.

  • About: It is one of the most important pages on your website. It is an opportunity where your visitors get to know your firm.
  • Practices, News, Lawyers: the important pages to show your activities of 
  • Career: Job descriptions define the principal roles and responsibilities of each position and the role it plays in JSN Attorney. 
  • Contact: A full-information contact page with standard contact form.
  • Coming soon and 404 page: Essential pages websites need.

Moreover, we have another niche for you: JSN Lawyer

We have JSN Lawyer - a one-page Joomla portfolio template for a lawyer, attorney or anyone who needs a simple and easy-to-custom template.

In conclusion,

JSN Attorney comes as a complete package for a law firm and lawyer Joomla website. With JSN PageBuilder 3 and JSN Sun Framework, you have full control of your site without coding knowledge. So what are you waiting for? 


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