JSN Boot – a free, yet full-feature Joomla template for Christmas


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Santa Claus is coming to town.

We also have a gift that is on the way to your door – a free, yet full-feature Joomla template, exclusively designed for Christmas. It is called JSN Boot.

You can easily re-decorate your website within 4 color variations, 5 menu styles, 40+ template parameters, responsive design and more.  We hope that with it, you will have a wonderful website covering by the Christmas atmosphere.


JSN Boot with special design for Christmas.

Christmas styling

A lot of you guys might decorate your house with pine trees, mistletoe, wreaths and so on. Similarly, JSN Boot helps you decorate menu items, modules, header and footer with Christmas colors and those cool decorations. Let’s check it out:






Responsive design

You don’t need to worry about mobile device users. All of them can check your website with JSN Boot from iPhone, Android-based mobiles, Window-based mobiles or tablets such as iPad, Galaxy Tab and more.


The home page on iPhone


An article on iPhone

JSN Boot on iPhone


JSN Boot on iPad

How to get JSN Boot?

We guess that now you are ready to discover JSN Boot and use it for your website.

As bellow, you can choose to download JSN Boot installation file:


Download JSN Boot


We welcome all feedback and Christmas wishes from you guys. Once again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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