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JSN EasySlider - More features, more powerful

JSN EasySlider - More features, more powerful

JSN EasySlider version 1.2.0 is released with many new smashing features. All those improvements are designed to bring you a thrilling experience when working with JSN EasySlider and help you make more vibrant slider:

  • New responsive setting to be highly customizable
  • Full-width & full-height option
  • New interactive preview
  • New item effect editor
  • New media selector
  • Keyboard shortcuts application

That is, you can have more options to present your content more visually in easy way.

Let’s go into the details.

Highly customizable responsive function

What does “Responsive” means to you? Have you ever experienced the status of “somehow responsive”, when the slider all are scaled and your text might be difficult to read in mobile devices. Worry no more with the version 1.2.0 of JSN EasySlider. You can not only change the text size, but also have full control of your slide presentation on mobile devices. Turn on the responsive feature and you will see the tablet layout as well as mobile layout to configure.

Highly customizable responsive function

You can create a separated layout for each type of device and these can be different from the desktop layout. You can:

  • Define the canvas of the image background.
  • Increase or decrease the text size 
  • Show the different content for each type

All are in your hand. Your sliders will be perfectly presented in every screen resolution on the way you prefer.

Slider will be perfectly presented

Full-width and full-height option

Do you want to have a full-width slider? With some clicks, your idea will become reality with JSN EasySlider. You can easily turn on the full-width option or turn both full-width and full-height to make your slider present in full screen. This option will be very helpful when you want to attract customer's attention, want them to get fully focus on your presentation.

Full-width & Full-height option

New interactive timeline preview

The timeline view now becomes more powerful with live animation preview mode and ability to drag-n-drop to set preview range:

  • You can simply select a part of your slide to preview by marking the start point & end point directly in the timeline.
  • Or you can drag the timeline ruler and see the animation changes in live preview for real time.

And even when the preview is running, you still can edit items’ effects. It will be very convenient for you to check and edit each item in the slider.

New interactive timeline preview

New item effect editor

In the last version, you can only choose the effect for the item from the default dropdown list. Now from version 1.2.0, you have more power on effect customization with the new item effect editor. You can combine multiple effects such as rotation and scaling in the same time by providing suitable transform values.

New item effect editor

From JSN EasySlider v1.2.0, you can edit effect for multiple items at once. When you choose multiple items and double click one item, you can see the animation preset appear with better UX design to select more easily. Just need to select one effect and then it will be applied to all other selected items.

Edit effect for multiple items

New media selector

From now on, you have more options to add images to slider:

  • Choose from library
  • Insert URL of image
  • Use an image placeholder

When you insert a placeholder, you can drag-n-drop it to get perfect size for your need. This option will be very helpful if you are working in a team, when your role is making a mockup and someone will finish your idea.

New media selector

Apply more keyboard shortcuts

It will be more convenient for you to work from the backend with the keyboard shortcut for your action:

  • [Ctrl+Z] to undo the last action
  • [Ctrl+C] to copy the item
  • [Ctrl+V] to paste the copied item.
  • [Space] to play/pause preview
  • [Esc] to exit the preview
  • [Tab] to toggle simple layout mode

This feature sure can save you a lot of working time and increase your productivity.

Other improvements

Besides, we have many improvements for JSN EasySlider such as animation with javascript instead of CSS to improve the speed of front-end rendering, Vimeo video support and a lot of code optimization.

Many improvements on JSN EasySlider version 1.2.0 are made on the feedback of our valued customers. We would like to send you a sincere thank for all your feedback and suggestion. JoomlaShine team will keep working to bring you a much better version in the future.

You can check and download the latest version of JSN EasySlider here:

Download JSN EasySlider

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