JSN ImageShow looks cool on your mobile devices. Check it out!

To get your website running well on an iPhone or iPad, both the templates and the extensions should support these mobile devices. FYI, JSN templates are optimized for mobiles and JSN ImageShow is too. I am going to show how nice JSN ImageShow looks on the iPhone and iPad.

How does JSN ImageShow look on mobile devices?

JSN ImageShow provides a theme mechanism which allows you to present the same set of images with multiple layouts and compositions. JSN ImageShow v4 has been released with two themes: a flash based Theme Classic and a non-flash based Theme Slider. Whichever theme you choose, you still get a stunning image gallery on your mobile.


Theme Classic and Theme Slider on iPhone

With Theme Classic, you still get Thumbnail, Auto Play, Background Color, etc on mobile devices. However, you won't see any flash effects since it is a HTML / JS version. Moreover, some features are deleted to keep your Joomla site lightweight and fast.

How about Theme Slider? I am happy to say that with Theme Slider, everything you make with JSN ImageShow will look the same on both Desktop and Mobile Devices.

JSN ImageShow on iPad

The following video will show you how JSN ImageShow looks on the iPad, to provide you a clearer view about it.

So, it's your choice and I am really glad if you guys share your opinions about JSN ImageShow, and Theme Classic or Theme Slider. All your comments are welcome!

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