JSN ImageShow v4 - A lot of useful new features to discover

JSN ImageShow v4.0.0 has been released after quite a long time of development. We believe that you guys will like it since it comes with a lot of useful improvements, and it is now fully compatible with Joomla 2.5.

No more waiting, let's get started.

Improved core architecture

Enhanced core architecture

Enhanced core architecture

A lot of automatic installation processes have been implemented to JSN ImageShow v4- sample data, upgrading, themes and so on. Moreover, all image sources have been converted into separate plug-ins. By default, you have the Local Image and Picasa image sources. To get the other image sources, you simply go to the Showlist, click on the installation icons of the component.

Thanks to this work flow, you will get much better performance and keep your Joomla websites lightweight.

New Theme Slider

Theme Slider based  on jQuery Library

Theme Slider based on jQuery Library

JSN ImageShow has been known for being a photo flash gallery with Theme Classic. Now, the New Theme Slider tells you that this is not true anymore. This non-flash based theme uses purely the jQuery Library. With 30+ simple and effective transition parameters, Slider allows you to create stunning photo galleries which run well on computers and iPhone, iPad devices.

New source RS Gallery 2

RSGallery2 support

RSGallery2 support

Do you use RSGallery2? If yes, we are happy to announce that JSN ImageShow v4 supports it. If no, you can try out this popular Joomla extension. JSN ImageShow will help you show photos from this source with nice image transition effects. More options to make your website look cool - more joy for you and your website visitors!

And more...

A lot of more new features have been added to JSN ImageShow v4

  • The ability to display EXIF data in the title or description: Now photographers can show photo information such as camera type, settings and so on.
  • The addition of "Image Sources" section in the page "Configuration & Maintenance": Here you can manage all showlists which have been created from image sources such as Picasa, Flickr and more.
  • A modified installation process: No more separate theme installation in the initial installation. Core elements, default image sources and default theme are now installed automatically.
  • The feature to auto install and update themes: Themes now can be installed and updated automatically in the back-end of the component - Showlists settings.
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