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JSN PageBuilder 4 version 1.2.0 - Build Faster Websites with Page Template library, Contact Form and Joomla Article Field elements


We have worked hard to come up with the next version with bug fixes and feature updates. The most desired feature to help you get started building landing pages for JSN PageBuilder 4 is predefined landing page templates. Moreover, we have released more than 20 Joomla landing page templates to the public for different niches. Besides, we have updated 2 new languages: Portuguese (Brazil) and French, and a few other improvements.

So, let’s explore in detail the new features and product improvements.

Landing Page Template with designs in different niches

With version 1.2.0 of the JSN PageBuilder 4, you’ll have the “superpower” to build landing pages faster. We're introducing you to the Pre-designed Landing Page template feature.

With this improvement, you can select one of the uniquely designed landing pages for your needs. Landing page templates cover many niches from fashion, business, service to beauty and health care. Just have a quick look at the image below to see how it works.

By the way, did you notice that in the preview window you can see how the landing page looks on mobile, tablet and desktop devices? If not, just take a closer look at this part to see how it performs.

20+ landing page templates are the starting number. All landing page designs are unique and target different market niches. Whether you run a branded shop or drop shipping business, you’ll find a suitable layout to start building the landing page. Mostly, the layouts are designed for home and extra pages.

To get started using this feature, you just need to click on the icon “Template” at the left top area of the JSN PageBuilder 4 dashboard.

Release Portuguese and French Version

Not long ago, JSN PageBuilder released the first German version for the user interface and application list page. In order to continue our mission of localizing and serving our customers across borders, JoomlaShine is pleased to announce the next version of Portuguese (Brazil) and French.

Why Portuguese and French?

In our previous launch, we emphasized JoomlaShine's popularity in German-speaking countries, this time is also no exception.

And it’s even more popular because we have a record of the second highest customer volume from Brazil - a Portuguese speaking country, followed up by French in terms of non-English-speaking countries.

With the ultimate mission to assist customers easily on their way to build up an online business, both translators and developers have worked days and nights to release both versions at the same time.

How does it work?

Everything, from page editor, page list, to dashboard, can now be quickly translated to Portuguese and French, with just a click!

Contact Form 

JSN Page Builder 4 version 1.2.0 is now allowing you to create a form inside page builder. The Contact Form helps you to create any kind of form with many different predefined contact forms, contact form fields and contact form buttons. With this update, you can save more time and easily in creating a contact form for your website.

Joomla Article Field

JSN PageBuilder 4 v1.2.0 comes with Joomla Article Field that can help you add extra information for your article as well as your website. With just some simple manipulation, you can provide more features such as price, area, and so on in your articles or web-pages.

New Improvement

JSN PageBuilder 4 v1.2.0 with several fixes and the improvements will help you build amazing websites for your business and clients faster and more efficiently.


To our new and existing users, try the new version, criticize it, and let us know. Your feedback helps to form the previous versions, the upcoming versions, and the future of the extension. 

Just drop us a message here.

We'll see you soon in future versions of JSN PageBuilder 4 with powerful updates!

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