JSN PowerAdmin extension has a positive review after the first week of release

After the release of JSN PowerAdmin a week ago, the JoomlaShine team is very happy to receive a lot of positive feedback from Joomla! users. All of them find JSN PowerAdmin helpful for their sites. It’s really a big motivation for the JoomlaShine team since we truly want to contribute more to the Joomla! community.

No more waiting, let’s scroll down to those nice words...


We are truly glad to receive some really cool comments from JoomlaWorks, one of most popular extension providers for Joomla!


JoomlaWorks tweeted on their Twitter

Amy Stephen - one of key members in Joomla world, gave really nice words for JSN PowerAdmin.


Amy Stephen tweeted about JSN PowerAdmin

Joomla-Direct were interested in the JSN PowerAdmin smart search feature, and shared beautiful words on Twitter.


Joomla-Direct tweeted about JSN PowerAdmin

Fotis Evangelou gave a cool comment for JSN PowerAdmin on Twitter.


Fotis Evangelou wrote on his Twitter

Iain Bayley shared his feeling that JSN PowerAdmin was impressive the first time he used it.


Iain Bayley shared on his Twitter

From www.joomla-downloads.de

It’s really good news that www.joomla-downloads.de submitted JSN PowerAdmin on their site with an article: Kurztest JSN PowerAdmin. They gave nice comments for JSN PowerAdmin and shared a link to download it.


An article about JSN PowerAdmin on www.joomla-downloads.de

They also shared it on Twitter:


www.joomla-downloads.com shared link about JSN PowerAdmin article

One member of their forum shared his feeling about JSN PowerAdmin. He also gave his ideas about JoomlaShine products.


One comment on their forum

JoomlaShine Facebook Fanpage

Our JoomlaShine Facebook Fanpage also receives a lot of feedbacks from customers. Chris Benton wrote about JSN PowerAdmin. From his comment, we are very happy that JSN PowerAdmin helps Joomla! User control their sites more easily.


Chris Benton commented on FaceBook

Mario Wolframm gave cool comments for JSN PowerAdmin.



Nice words from Mario Wolframm

Comment from Tas Gyf. It seems that JSN PowerAdmin can help users so much with managing their site.


Tas Gyf commented about JSN PowerAdmin

Joomla! forum

The Joomla! Forum user with the nickname ‘beat’ loves JSN PowerAdmin. One more demonstration to say: JSN PowerAdmin could really help Joomla! users easily to configure their site.


Comment from beat on Joomla forum

One more nice comment from the user with the nickname ‘sparmeg’ was given on the Joomla forum about Joomla 3.0 Admin concept.


Comment from sparmeg on Joomla! forum

JoomlaShine forum

On JoomlaShine forum, the user nicknamed ‘jam’ said that JSN PowerAdmin was one of the best releases.


Comment from jam on JoomlaShine forum

User ‘rickgroves’ said thanks to JoomlaShine and give some nice words for both JSN PowerAdmin and JoomlaShine templates.


Rickgroves shared his feeling on JoomlaShine forum

I’ve just shared with you some of the nice feedback for JSN PowerAdmin. I hope that after reading this blog, you’ll download JSN PowerAdmin and enjoy its powerful features. We truly want this powerful extension can help more and more Joomla! users.

You have any experiences? Feel free to share them here.

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