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Limit Google indexed pages using sh404SEF

Limit Google indexed pages using sh404SEF


This is the small but very useful tip that you should DO IT RIGHT NOW to improve your Joomla SEO performance. It's a secret trick that Christopher Wagner - a Joomla SEO expert - founder of shared in his interview with JoomlaShine about how he began with Joomla.

As you might know, having lots of useless content on your site will probably do more harm than good. It's better to limit the indexed pages, to show Google only the high quality content. And see, how Christopher did it.

Christopher Wagner

However, this is something where you need to know what you are doing. Many pages in your sites push more than 3 or 4 times as much pages into the index because get-parameters (i. e. ?getthisandthat) of components are not correctly configured.

To give you an example of a small local customer project, (  – a personal trainer from my city Cologne, I show you what I adapted in the htaccess file of our server:

Redirect gone /?option=com_ajax&format=json

This is an example of get-parameters – to add these parameters to a url, means creating new pages “on the fly”. Many, many Joomla components use get-parameters which ultimately adds more pages to the index than your crawl-budget allows. Google, of course, is intelligent in finding out what needs to get into the index and finds the right pages. But: if the search engine has to crawl too many useless pages, pages that are important to you may not get the change/update rate that you desire.

In other instances and the way the Joomla!-routing is working, I recommend setting SH404SEF accordingly (below with image) and adapting the htaccess-file to tell Google to remove these pages from index.

Redirect gone /table/news/

Redirect gone /table/news/page-2.html

Redirect gone /table/uncategorised/

Redirect gone /table/uncategorised/page-2.html

Redirect gone /table/uncategorised/page-3.html  

All these pages come online when you use a sef component or the internal Joomla!-SEF, in SH404SEF. Go to SH404SEF configuration page--> tab "Extensions"-->tab "Joomla", find parameter “Insert content table name” you can change this setting:

Configure sh404SEF

If you enter now: your browser, you see that the status there is “Gone” – this page then gets removed from the index after a couple of days or weeks by Google and thus gives the important pages more crawl budget because there is one less page that Google needs to worry about.

It's really simple, right? But it can solve a lot of troubles related to indexed content. Let's pratice immediately and don't forget to come back to tell us the result. If you have any question or any tip to share, feel free to contact us.

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