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Meet MetaMan from StackIdeas: A cool Joomla tool to control the huge load of metadata on your site

Meet MetaMan from StackIdeas: A cool Joomla tool to control the huge load of metadata on your site


Well, who cares for SEO performance on their Joomla website will know the boring task of managing metadata on each page.

If your Joomla site doesn’t have a blog or doesn’t have too many pages, you might not need to complain. But, I think it’s impossible for a website not to have a blog with so many different pages with different metadata information.

This case, you’ll definitely want a user-friendly tool to do the job for you. And luckily, Mark and his team from StackIdeas got your back with their little new hero: MetaMan (Metadata Manager).

Let’s see why MetaMan is an efficient tool you must try!

Streamline all your metadata tasks

This nifty tool helps you control your site metadata tag easily along with meta information shown on social media.

Along with Facebook's Opengraph and Twitter Card's meta, you can easily setup your site metadata, how it displays on social platforms and even upload images on your page directly.


The highlight of MetaMan:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly dashboard
  • Easily edit/insert and optimize metadata
  • Save time in managing metadata on multiple pages
  • Get a targeted and nice-looking view of page information without hassles
  • Compatible with both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x

Let the Joomla SEO be fun to do!

Do you want to give MetaMan a try yet? From now on, you can focus on better coding as well as better making better marketing plan, not spending time inserting some boring metadata for your site. Or, at least, have more fun in improving your site’s SEO performance!


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