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More privileges for JoomlaShine customers with Kunena - Our newly migrated forum system

More privileges for JoomlaShine  customers with Kunena - Our newly migrated forum system


Our support system has been moved from vBulletin to Kunena.

Thanks to that, the dedicated support system and the forum are consolidated into A SINGLE PLATFORM. Now you just need one account to buy products as well as obtain support from us, instead of two accounts as before. The support response time is still guaranteed to be within 12 to 16 hours. However, you can get help faster from other customers, not just our support staff.

Some screenshots of the new forum

There are three sections: General for free products, Joomla Extensions (for PRO Edition owners) and Joomla Templates (for PRO Edition owners). The PRO sections are limited for our customers only.

The section of Joomla! Templates (for PRO Edition Owners)

Your account is ranked based on the product version you own: PRO UNLIMITED customer or PRO STANDARD.

A customer account in the ranking system

Your thread is public to people, so if you want to send something confidential such as the admin account of your website to our support staff, you can use the PM (Private message) function. Here you can send text and attachments.

Sending a private message to our support staff

We hope that this new forum is much more convenient for you. And as usual, our comment system is open below to receive your feedback!


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