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[New Announcement] Introducing Lite Trial Version & Admin Demo for template


A change for the better” - We have replaced the Free version with the new version - Lite, after 11 years of building up this brand. 

Why do we need to change?

After many changes within the Joomla template market, we have seen all the ups and downs of the Freemium business model. The Free version helps you have a first experience with our products, but it also limits our ability to communicate with you effectively and to give you the needed support in a timely fashion.

As you know, when building a Joomla website, users have to overcome a lot of undesirable problems along the way, especially those who are a newbie in the Joomla field. There are many free users that need faster support from our expert support team. Therefore, we believe that it’s time to change. 

We have replaced the Free version with the new version - Lite at very little cost

Switching to the Lite version presented a new challenge for us - how to bring you the pre-purchase experience before making any decision. Thus, we also made 3 big changes in the product experience.

The 3 big changes are:

  • Release a new trial version, called Lite Trial.
  • Allow downloading PRO Trial directly on our main site, instead of upgrading via Free version.
  • Release Template Admin Demo.

Versions in JoomlaShine pricing table

What is Lite Trial?

For only a very small cost, you could get this Lite version. However, we want to give customers an opportunity to experience it before choosing to use. 

Therefore, Lite Trial was born.

With the Lite Trial version, you can easily experience all the features of the Lite version within 7 days.

  • Niche Variations: Only use Simple niche of templates
  • Drag & Drop Interface: Easier to build a template layout
  • Menu Variations: Present your website navigation with bold and vibrant menu styles
  • Custom CSS & JS Code: Allow to add custom CSS/JS code to your website
  • RTL Support: Support fully Right to Left (RTL) languages.
  • Comprehensive Styling Options: Come with styling options, such as modules, menus, so on.

In the 7-day free trial, we tried our best to ensure you get quality experience before making any decision for your project. Moreover, you will get the support like a PRO USER.

What is PRO Trial?

In the past, customers could only update to PRO when they installed the Free version. After listening to users' comments, we have shortened that distance. Now, you can easily get PRO without going through any intermediate steps.

In addition to Lite features, for PRO Trial, users will be able to fully experience the features of PRO version within 15 days:

  • CSS & Javascript Compression: Provides in-built compression settings which compress almost all CSS and JS template and Joomla files
  • Beautiful Color Schemes: Come with beautiful colour variations for your website
  • Advanced Mega Menu: Allows you to build a stunning mega menu
  • Fully Responsive: Easy to customize layout for every device screen
  • Custom 404 & Coming Soon Page: Allows you to adjust the 404 & coming soon page with many parameters.
  • Social Share: Helps you to gain new fans and clients.
  • Social Comments: Includes Facebook, Disqus, IntenseDebate, Google+ social comment boxes.
  • Copyright Removal: Option to remove JoomlaShine Copyright.

How can Template Admin Demo help you?

After more than 10 years of experience in the Joomla business in general and templates in particular, we see that users need more pre-purchase experience. So the Admin Demo was born. 

With Admin Demo you can easily have impressive experiences with any of our templates. 

To make more convenient for your experience. You can try Template Admin Demo via 2 ways:

  1. Via the template details page.

  2. Via the template Demo page.


    Access Template Admin Demo - on the template demo page

New changes, new experiences. 

After all, we hope these changes will give you excellent experiences with our templates before you begin your journey with our product. 

Thank you for your time to read this blog!

What are you waiting for? Let's try to explore these changes immediately!


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