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[New release] JSN MEDIS - You won’t find any medical template like this elsewhere

[New release] JSN MEDIS - You won’t find any medical template like this elsewhere

Having a medical website project and getting stuck in seeking the most suitable Joomla medical template in the marketplace? I bet if you could spare some of your time to discover best things about JSN Medis, you won’t have to break a sweat in searching others.

How does JSN Medis make your site stand out from the crowd?


It gives your medical website a credible and professional look

Practical, content-rich, reliable, and functional are about the excellence of this medical template. However, the key thing that sets this template apart from others is its unique and flexible designs.

Specifically crafted for hospitals, clinics, dental clinics, and any healthcare-related websites, JSN Medis comes out as a practical web solution for the needs of medical industry with the conventional color schemes in the medical world, medical-embroidered elements and no unnecessary flashy effects.

With many boxed modules displayed and a primary focus on showing information, Home Hospital and Dental let you professionally showcase a wide range of medical services, news & events, health tips, or any kind of medical content. The elegant design and medical-related images fantastically transmit the medical atmosphere plus radiate a sense of cleanliness, reliability and serenity for your medical website.

home hospital

Home dental

If you ain’t familiar to those content-heavy designs in the boxed layout, you can find in Home Dental of JSN Medis a trendy flat, modern, and minimalist design. The full-width layout offers extra space to professionally display services, departments, and doctors in multiple columns, you can also show beautiful parallax background to give your medical site a more friendly look and feel.

Home clinic

Twitter feed is another special thing about Home Clinic. The Twitter timeline is displayed in a compact and single-column view just by embedding the Tweet URL on your own site. Once you think about leveraging the power of social media on your medical website, this will surely be an important feature that you should not skip.

Twitter feed


It saves your customization time with features tailored for medical field

Aside from the unique and flexible designs, you can easily find in JSN Medis all necessary and advanced features you will need to establish a functional medical website:

08 Bonus Pages that reduce your development time

Bonus pages like Featured Services, Appointment Form, Facilities are ready-made to help you save great time and effort in building a fully-operated medical site.

08 bonus pages

Ready-To-Use Customizable Medical Forms

With JSN UniForm support, various types of forms for your medical website such as appointment, registration, patient feedback can be built and flexibly customized as you need.

medical forms

Refined Mega Menu For Showing Medical Services

Let’s forget boring one-column services list, now you can make an attractive and neat presentation of your site's medical services, centers, departments or any other kind of content in multiple menu columns with built-in megamenu.


06 Predefined Colors That Fit Your Medical Styles

JSN Medis includes 6 predefined color schemes which are mostly used in the medical world. These color combinations express an overall positive connotation and radiate a sense of calmness, trust and serenity for your medical website.



3rd Party Extensions Support (K2. Kunena, J2Store, EasyBlog)

If you’re going to start an eCommerce project or simple set up a hospital blog or forum, JSN Medis provides you with extended styles for these third party extensions. Believe me you won’t have to touch any single line of code because these pre-built styles have already reduced your customization jobs to the absolute minimum.



Are they all things about JSN Medis?

Definitely not! JSN Medis coming with great thought of simplicity and careful research on real-world demands of a medical industry will give you far more than you might think. Thousands of Joomla users have been waiting for this medical template so long and now, here it is - a practical and content-rich Joomla medical template that treats all your needs! Hesitate no more and build a stress-free Joomla medical website with JSN Medis now!

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