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New terms of use JoomlaShine products

Dear valued JoomlaShine customers,

We’d like to inform you that since 7 November our Terms of Use policy will be changed as following:

  • If you buy PRO STANDARD edition, then you will get free support and product update for 06 months.
  • If you buy PRO UNLIMITED edition then you will get free support and product update for 12 months.

The main reason why we decided to reduce support and product update period is to invest more resources in product maintenance and development. Right now, we are deploying Agile Kanban approach which allows us to release product’s updates every 2 weeks. With this kind of update rate, you will get stable and performing product continually. It also means that you get the products compatible product version with latest Joomla! CMS sooner. As the result all JoomlaShine templates, JSN ImageShow and JSN PowerAdmin are compatible with Joomla 3.0 for now.

The new policy changes will NOT affect old customers with purchases before 7 November 2012. If you bought any JoomlaShine products before this date, you still get 12 months of free support and product update for the PRO STANDARD edition and lifetime for the PRO UNLIMITED edition.

If you have any thoughts or comments please share with us.

Updates by 14 November

For the customers who wish to renew the subscription we do offer 30% discount for both PRO STANDARD or PRO UNLIMITED editions.

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