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New Update: JSN Sun Framework v.2.2.16


Have a nice day, JoomlaShine lover!

After new updates are more suitable for the Joomla! market, welcome our new update extension - JSN Sun Framework 2.2.16 has been officially released. This extension is not only improved to make it easier for users to use but also helps users better control positions on their website.

Here are the new updates of JSN Sun Framework 2.2.16 that you definitely can't ignore:

  • New Features:
    • Custom Coming Soon Page.
    • Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • Improvements:
    • Simplify and Improve Drag’n’Drop.
    • New “Comments Per Page” parameter for Facebook comment.

Let's explore the improvements right away:

Custom Coming Soon Page.

JSN Sun Framework 2.2.16 has added a new function: Custom coming soon page

This new function is the most featured update in this release. It brings the capability to custom Coming Soon page in an easier way. With this feature you can:

  • Config Page Tile, Page Content, logo and even Page background as well
  • Set a time to Count Down clock.

That sounds great, so how I can custom the coming soon page myself? It is very easy, just a few steps need to be done:

  1. Set your site to “Offline” Mode.
    • In Joomla! Administration, go to System -> Global Configuration, select “Site” tab and change “Site Offline” to “Yes”.
  2. Enable “Custom Coming Soon” feature.
    • Go to Extension -> Templates, select your JoomlaShine template.
    • At the template settings page, select Extras -> Custom Coming Soon.
    • In the Inspector panel, check ”Enable Custom Coming Soon” to enable Custom Coming Soon feature

Remember to click “Save Custom Coming Soon” button after your changes.Custom Coming Soon page

Convenient Content Delivery Network (CDN URL) service.

This parameter allows for easy Integration with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) service. If you are unsimilar with CDN, you can read more on Wikipedia.

Simplify and Improve Drag and Drop

In this version, the drag and drop features are faster and have better user experiences. This change intends to help users quickly change the location or size of elements on the layout.Drag-n-Drop

New “Comments Per Page” parameter for Facebook comment.

Controlling the number of comments displayed is now optimized, which makes your site more professional without breaking the structure when there are too many interactions in your post.JSN Sun Framework 2.2.16 - CommentingAnd of course, with the new optimizations, you can feel it directly when you use JSN Sun Framework v.2.2.16 at JoomlaShine templates and extensions (May 2019).

New released:

As always wanting to improve the quality of the product to bring the best products, we really appreciate any feedback from you for JoomlaShine templates and extensions. So please connect with us via live chat or forum if you have any problems.

Once again, thank you for your infinite support.

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