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Update: JSN PageBuilder 3 Has Big Enhancements On Version 1.3.0


In this May, there is a big update of JSN PageBuilder 3, which certainly amazes you a lot.

After receiving plenty of feedback and suggestions from our beloved customers, JoomlaShine team has analyzed and defined the most necessary things to be changed on JSN PageBuilder 3. With such improvements and additions, we truly want this Joomla page builder extension to bring much better experience for the site builders and developers.

Let’s welcome JSN PageBuilder 3 version 1.3.0, the newest version of the world’s favorite Joomla extension with interesting changes below.

New Features of JSN PageBuilder 3

Page Outline

To help you manage all sections inside a page more easily, JSN PageBuilder 3 has added the Page Outline feature on the left sidebar.

This feature enables you to have a broad view of positions of all sections of one page, which is surely important when you want to create many sections with a clear structure.

In one big section, the Page Outline also helps you to change a position of any sub-section just by drag-and-drop actions.

Not just that! Have you noticed the icon with 3 dots lying on the right side of each section? It is called “More Actions” and it allows you to lock, remove, duplicate and hide any section on any device.


It is such a scary pain when you forget to hit the ‘golden’ button: “Save”, or your computer insanely crashes while you are trying to build a beautiful page. That feeling… terribly breaks our heart a lot.

For that reason, we have added the “Auto-save” function to this Joomla page builder extension. Everything will be automatically saved in the system after 5 seconds if no change happens.


Adding many images inside a page is a good idea to deliver its content to end users. But it somehow occupies a lot of space, and makes your page become more lengthy. Instead, adding one or more slideshows in a page is an excellent alternative to showcase multiple images and still keep your page short and beautiful.

Luckily, the new version of JSN PageBuilder 3 includes the Slideshow element with 4 elegant styles in order to help users to pick up a good design, and modify it in a short moment.

It is even more powerful to allow you to set the number of items of a slideshow separately on each device. This improvement ensures one slideshow to be displayed well on every device.

Version History

Like a standard Joomla article, now JSN PageBuilder 3 allowed you to save versions and restore them.

For example:

Imagine you have a module displaying a promotion campaign on this July. The design of that module is perfect, so you just want to make use of it again by copying it on a new module and changing the content a little bit for the next campaign.

But things won’t go simply when you have to do many steps such as picking up a position or assigning it to menus.

With the Version History feature of JSN PageBuilder 3, it is easy to create a Joomla module with multiple versions to use it at different times. 

Import/Export Data

What if one day you accidentally removed a page that is meticulously designed, how can you retrieve that page without remaking it in hours and hours?

The idea of keeping all data of your site pages in multiple storages, even in a tiny USB device, finally comes into reality with this extension for building Joomla pages. JSN PageBuilder 3 now allows users to export and import every page built with it, so that you can save those data immediately as a backup plan for the case above.

More interestingly, you also are enabled to apply these data on many websites at a quick glance. It certainly saves much time when you are in charge of many projects about building Joomla websites.

Page Setting

The new tab: Page Settings on the top menu bar brings you more convenience to set up general information for a page such as intro image, category, SEO title, meta description and alias. In another words, you don't have to hit “Exit FullScreen" button to be able to set those general settings like in the previous version.

Other features

  • Enable users to add links to row, column and block elements.
  • Insert a video as a background for a section

What has been improved in the latest version?

Smart Search for Elements

Since JSN PageBuilder 3 provides so many elements, it seems to take you a while to pick up a right element. In this latest version, we have made the Search bar become more powerful when it detects what users are looking for based on keywords.

For example, you intend to add a video from Youtube. Just type the word “youtube” or “video” on the search bar and you will get the right selection.

Build pages faster with Shortcuts

When brainstorming what changes should be added on JSN PageBuilder 3, our team wondering: Why not make it more handy with simple shortcuts? These shortcuts are definitely global, typical and familiar with users, such as:

  • Cmd/Ctrl + S: Save page
  • Cmd/Ctrl + C: Copy style of the element
  • Cmd/Ctrl + V: Paste style of the element

UI Improvements

Tab, Accordion, Form and List elements now have a new look at the ‘General’ tab. In the previous version of JSN PageBuilder 3, all the items of those elements were displayed widely and occupied much space. This thing possibly influences your experience when you are using our page builder extension.

With the new JSN PageBuilder 3, this concern has been improved by collapsing each item into only one small box. Indeed, it saves a lot of space on the General tab, and helps you to control items more simply.

Final Words

How do you feel about the new update of JSN PageBuilder 3? We do care your experience towards this product, so please help us leave some comments so that our team will empower JSN PageBuilder 3 as the top world page builder extension for Joomla sites. Thank you!

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