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Release: JSN Solid 2 - A New Ideal Choice For Education Websites


People say “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but I dare to say we all get more attracted with any website that has a beautiful and clean look. When we are talking about education websites, it is more than the look; it is about to enhance school’s credibility and brand awareness, and drive more visitors to look at programs and courses.

If you are going to build a website for a school, an institute, a college or a university, JSN Solid 2 is a perfect choice of Joomla templates that you don’t want to miss it.

A quick review at JSN Solid 2

About its design

  • White background as a neutral color making other colors in details have a larger voice.
  • 6 pre-picked main colors for detailed elements: Green, Blue, Red, Brown, Violet and Orange. They are definitely useful to make your brand identity consistent.
  • The layout has a width of 960 px, not a kind of full-width screen, but simple to display well on many devices.
  • 6 pre-built pages (two of which have no menu bar) that are specialized for education websites: Quick Tour, About, Programs, Research, Contact, Coming Soon and 404.

Pre-built pages for education websites

6 main colors of JSN Solid 2 template

Let's talk about its features

How the mega menu of JSN Solid 2 looks!

What is inside Uni Kingston?

Usually, we create at least two demo sites: one is to present fully functions and features of a JSN template, and the other is imitated as a real website for that business. So does the Uni Kingston as an example of university websites.

The demo site: Uni Kingston has a simple but smart design

You can notice that Uni Kingston has fewer pages than Solid, which means the sample data of Uni Kingston is slighter and less complicated than that of Solid. So what do you get benefits from it?

Well! The first thing is a faster installation process that happens in just a moment. Then, the number of modules and articles is fewer, but all they are focused and aim to present the most necessary things of a Joomla education website. Therefore, Uni Kingston will let you get straight to the main point and help you (even if you are a Joomla beginner) to accomplish the desired website more quickly than you expected.

Why is JSN Solid 2 superior to the old version?

JSN Solid 2 is a powerful updated version (or the generation 2) of the Solid template (generation 1) with better user experience and more convenient modification. And here are the new things that you must read:

  • The Layout is built with simple drag-and-drop gestures.
  • More styling options are expanded and developed with the instant preview.
  • Mega Menu builder is upgraded to let you easily control and edit it.
  • New template features are added in the JSN Solid 2 and you may hardly find them in other Joomla education templates.

As all of our templates are powered by JSN SunFramework, so all the features of JSN Solid 2 are similar to those of SunFramework. You can read more details here.

Examples of websites built with JSN Solid 2

You might wonder if it is worth giving Solid 2 a try in case you are familiar with our previous version, why don’t give it a try because we always offer you a 15-day free trial of the JSN Solid 2 template with full PRO features?

Not just that! We understand that educating business is not a simple topic to build a website, so our team is willing to listen to your concerns and support you with this education Joomla website template. Don't hesitate to give it a try now!

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