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Nice JoomlaShine templates customization with popular Joomla extensions (part 2)

Nice JoomlaShine templates customization with popular Joomla extensions (part 2)


If you have been a JoomlaShine customer for a certain time, you might know that we have developed JSN templates with extended styles to support you in working with the most popular extensions in Joomla world, covering a lot of different kinds, such as forum - Kunena, community - JomSocial, blog - EasyBlog/K2, e-commerce - MijoShop/ VirtueMart, booking - Jomres, and so on.

In this article, we have collected some highlighted showcases from customers to show how successfully they did this with JSN templates and 3rd party extensions. FYI, you can take a look at nice JoomlaShine template customization with popular Jomla extensions here.


EasyBlog is the first commercial extension which JoomlaShine built an extended style for, in JSN Pixel. Until now, this blogging component has appeared in other products like JSN Epic, JSN Vintage, JSN Decor, and JSN Mico. With EasyBlog, I found an amazing blog from a doctor's website: Susan Janssens and her website Integrative Health Care. What a great combination of JSN Epic and EasyBlog.

Integrative Health Care

She is very good at template customization. She built her blog in a separate section in the top menu that visitors can easily navigate to. Some new blogs are also featured on the home page. It has a tool bar, including Home, Categories and Tags to help you search for articles. Each post is well formatted with all the necessary components. You can see the author's avatar, the blog post's information at the top, the main article in the middle, you can share it easily with social integration on the right, and you can rate it and see more about the author at the bottom of the article. Yeah, that's it; a very basic form of EasyBlog that you can build with support from JSN Epic.


K2 seems to be a very popular extension for creating rich content. It's powerful, rich and of course free. That's the reason why people love it and use it a lot in their websites. K2 is also one of two extensions that JoomlaShine support styles for in all current templates. I found many customer's websites customized K2 very well; have a look at Revista de Banyones. It's built with JSN Epic.

home page
Revista de Banyones

This is a news website and K2 plays a very important role there with posts. When first accessing the website, you can easily read news, hot news and latest news. It looks nearly the same as K2 extended style on JSN Epic demo, the webmaster did a very good job in taking advantage of our styling support. All posts are lists on the home page and visitors can easily glance at all the headlines and select the topic they feel is interesting to read. Just click on the titles or read more link, then the full post will appear with very basic components. Have a look at the image I took below:

Detailed blog post page


Kunena is a popular free Joomla extension used in creating forums, and it's a really great component. Together with K2, Kunena is supported in all JoomlaShine templates. In the previous article, we introduced a website customized with JSN Boot and Kunena named katzennetzwerk.de forum, so now here is another example which is also really impressive - it's the Diabetes Support Forum. This forum is built with JSN Mico and Kunena.

Diabetes Support Forum

The website is customized very well with main topics and sub topics. The toolbar at the top helps you find recent posts, create new posts or search. There is a place for members to login or newbies to register under the toolbar. Regarding the main part of a forum, for instance Diabetes Discussion, members can join related discussion topics such as Q&A, Newbie Corner, etc. Each shows the number of topics, number of replies, and some text from the last post. Accessing a particular topic, you can see the posts of the topic author and all members in the forum. The webmaster did very good job in creating an effective forum and this work seems to be easier with the Kunena styling support of JSN Mico.


VirtueMart is a very well-known Joomla extension providing a solution for e-commerce websites. It's free, so it's not only used by many users but is also being supported by a lot of template providers. JoomlaShine also design styles for VirtueMart in JSN Kido, but that doesn't mean that it only looks amazing with JSN Kido. I will show you a different combination of VirtueMart and JSN Gruve


The website you see above is Anchortex.com. This is an online shop providing uniforms and equipment for the military, governments, and industrial and public safety. Anchortex.com is customized quite well. It's clean and full of essential information. The whole site looks really great with menus, image shows and of course, sections of products for sale. When visitors access the site, right on the home page they can see a featured products section powered by VirtueMart. To see detailed information about the products, you just need to click on the product, and the detail page will show you product information like SKU, quality, price and other product descriptions, and now you can start shopping by adding the product to your cart.

product page
Product detail page


E-commerce has become an integral part of a modern business. More and more businesses expect to approach new customers via the Internet, through its e-commerce website. And MijoShop is one of the favorite online shopping components which supports webmasters in designing effective Joomla e-commerce websites. Understanding the needs of customers, JoomlaShine offers them JSN Nuru with extended style for MijoShop, so now let me show you a wonderful example of building an online business with JSN Nuru and MijoShop.

Fortuna Collectibles

This is an e-commerce website of coin collectibles from Australia named Fortuna Collectibles. Right on the home page, you can see the featured products, product search, and a catalogue as well. In the detail page of each product, the related information is shown fully and clearly. If clients like it and want to buy it, they can add it to their cart and easily checkout following 6 simple steps. This is a complete process which is built on the foundation of JSN Nuru and MijoShop. Can you do the same thing for yourself? Absolutely yes!


If you have thought of building a community in a Joomla website, think about JomSocial and its power; it really can help you. At JoomlaShine, we see that more and more users have a need to build their own community, where they can share information, discuss with each other, and join events, just like everyone does with their social networks. That's the reason why JoomlaShine decided to build an extended style for JomSocial in JSN Metro. So let me show you a very nice showcase which is a clear illustration of a wonderful combination and what you can create from JomSocial with the support of JSN Metro. A very clean community website for students Gentse Student

Gentse Student

This is not a dynamic community with a lot of members yet, but you can see that the webmaster did a very good job in customizing a community website powered by JSN Metro and JomSocial. The community website has basic components like Recent Activities, modules for Group, Events, Photos, Video, Quick Search, etc., just like what you can see in the JSN Metro live demo. In this case, the JomSocial styling support of JSN Metro truly helps a lot!

These are just some showcases that might inspire you in creating websites. You can see how great JSN templates combine with 3rd party extensions. If you want more, please check out the beautiful showcases on our Facebook. I'm quite sure that you will find something useful for you.

If you have also built a nice website, don't hesitate to show it here!

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