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[Part 2] Pre-sale FAQs - to help you understand more about JoomlaShine products!


Dear JoomlaShine customers,

We at JoomlaShine have just applied the "Live chat" system to our website, and when I am in charge of talking with our customers, I've noticed that there are more pre-sale questions from them. That is easy to understand since you know that the number of JoomlaShine's products are increasing.

Therefore, I would like to collect those pre-sale questions in this blog post and I hope that it will help you understand JoomlaShine and buy our products easier. FYI, you can read JoomlaShine FAQ part 1 at here.

General Questions

1. What are the differences between PRO STANDARD and PRO UNLIMITED Editions?

Besides the price difference:

  • With PRO STANDARD Edition: You you get FREE support for only 01 domain for 03 months.
  • With PRO UNLIMITED Edition: You get FREE support for unlimited domains for 01 year.

With both Editions, you can use or download new updates of the products forever for as many domains as you like without any limitations.

2. After my subscription has expired, must I re-new it?

No. You still can use our product, but you don't get further free support. If you want to re-new your subscription, our system will automatically apply a discount for you.

  • With PRO STANDARD Edition: You get 10% discount.
  • With PRO UNLIMITED Edition: You get 30% discount.

3. I am interested in your products. But I am new to Joomla, so what sources I should learn from?

Normally, you should learn from the Joomla Community like Joomla Forum. Moreover, you also can learn Joomla easily by reading e-books, or watching videos.

We would like to recommend 2 FREE e-books: Joomla! 2.5 Made Easy and Joomla! 3.0 Made Easy which are written from a newbie point of view to help you learn Joomla quickly from the beginning. Besides, you can use our FREE extension JSN PowerAdmin to manage Joomla easily.

4. I love your products, and would like to join the JoomlaShine's translation project. How can I join?

You can read the blog How to join JoomlaShine translation for more details. In general, we use Transifex to manage our translations and we always welcome any volunteers. In return, we reward you with 01 JoomlaShine product PRO UNLIMITED Edition. Moreover, we will add you to the Credits page in our website.

5. Can I resell JoomlaShine products?

No. You can use our products for the e-commerce websites, or install them on your customer's websites but you cannot re-sell our products. FYI, you can join JoomlaShine Affiliate Program to earn up to 50% referral commission.

6. What types of support do JoomlaShine provide?

We provide support through:

  • Forum Support: For all customers, both Free and PRO Edition Owners.
  • Live chat: For pre-sale related questions.

For more information, please read the Term of use -> Products Support

7. Does JoomlaShine accept advertisement deals?

No. Currently we focus on developing products only. We collect all advertising information and will contact you when we start our advertising campaign. However, we welcome any partnerships:

8. What payment methods does JoomlaShine offer?

You can pay via PayPal, 2Checkout (Major Credit Cards), Western Union or bank wire transfer. With bank wire transfer method, please contact us then our supporters will instruct you what to do.

9. Where I can have news about product updates or new product releases?

Please stay tuned to our social media channels and our blog where we announce all news related to our products.

Joomla Templates

1. Can I remove the brand link in the footer of free templates?


No. By default, the brand link is removed only in the PRO Editions. The brand link in the footer of free editions is required, so you can't remove it.

2. Can I buy all JoomlaShine templates with a lower price?

Yes. We have the Templates Developer Package which you own all JoomlaShine's PRO UNLIMITED Edition templates for just $199. If you also want to buy our extensions, there are more discounts available for you. You can check all the discounts available in our discount policy.

3. How can I make my website look like JoomlaShine template demos?


Please use the "Install sample data" function in the template parameter "GETTING STARTED" in the template's back-end. After that, your site will look like our demo site. For more information, please read this blog post.

4. Are all JoomlaShine templates responsive?

Yes. All JoomlaShine templates PRO Editions are now responsive and you can use them in any browser. You can check this by clicking on any JoomlaShine template demo sites through your mobile. For example: JSN Epic Demo


1. What extensions do JoomlaShine have? What about their functions?

Here are all the current JoomlaShine extensions.

  • JSN ImageShow: A Joomla gallery extension which lets you display your images lively and truthfully on your Joomla website. It has FREE and PRO Editions for you to choose from.
  • JSN UniForm: An easy-to-use Joomla form extension for your Joomla website. With this extensions, you can build a lot of forms quickly. It has FREE and PRO Editions for you to choose from.
  • JSN PowerAdmin: A totally FREE Joomla admin extension which helps you manage your Joomla website easier than ever.

2. Can I try JoomlaShine extensions before purchasing?


Yes. We have "Demo builder" in all extension demo websites for you to try our products. You just need to build the demo site and start to play with our extensions.

JSN ImageShow - JSN UniForm - JSN PowerAdmin

I hope that all these answers above will help you understand more about JoomlaShine in general and our products in particular. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or contact us. Your comments and questions are always welcome!


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