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Spend your day at a JoomlaDay, why not?

Spend your day at a JoomlaDay, why not?


For anyone who has the heart for Joomla, JoomlaDay is among those must-go Joomla events. You might be freaked out by the thoughts of meeting new people, of getting out of your comfort zone, or being scared of not knowing what to do there – but there is no strong enough reason for you to refuse a chance to learning Joomla better.

So, if you can go to a JoomlaDay, just go. Create more memories with Joomla with unforgettable time at JoomlaDay, shall we?

What is a JoomlaDay and why do you *NEED* to show up there?

JoomlaDay is a day celebrated among Joomlers to fire up the passion with Joomla. Be a novice Joomla user or an expert, you’ll find your Joomler spirit get lightened up with a JoomlaDay event. JoomlaDay is held in different local regions around the globe to connect Joomla community even stronger. For me, its closeness feels like a tribe ritual meeting (*smile*).

You can say that JoomlaDay event is a “mini Joomla World Conference” in your local. It’s a chance to add new Joomla friends to your circle who you can reach out much easily since you’re assembled up in the same place. You can also get inspired, learn new things and get new business partners…at a JoomlaDay, just like any other Joomla community events.

Say, don’t you get excited to meet the cool team or real people behind the Joomla product you’ve been using and loving so much?

Don’t you want to be a proactive supporter who contributes to make the next transformation in Joomla 4 next year?

Do you get stuck sometimes and need a solid advice from a more experienced Joomla fellow?

There are many good things awaiting you in a JoomlaDay.

JoomlaDay around the globe in 2015

JoomlaDay in 2015 statistics

Meet us at JoomlaDay!

JoomlaShine is actively joining JoomlaDay and other Joomla events around the world. Our team here wants to not only be a part of the Joomla family but also be the force that drives the development of Joomla through its solidarity power.

We pledge to make a better Joomla and a bigger Joomla community. Our team members dearly hope that you’ll feel the same way towards Joomla as we do. Join us and let’s meet at the upcoming and awesomeness-guaranteed JoomlaDay Florida as well as JoomlaDay UK.

JoomlaDay UK (Buy your ticket)


Mark your calendar on Saturday 13th February, 2016.


The 7th JoomlaDay in UK will be taken place at Microsoft's Cardinal Place offices, London.

What will be there?

You’ll see them bring out the best Joomla expertise at JoomlaDay UK, as usual. JoomlaDay UK will be formatted with programme suitable for both Joomla novice, developer and agency. You’ll meet many awesome Joomla evangelists here, like Joomla co-founder – Brian Teeman.

JoomlaDay Florida (Buy your ticket)


Set your clock to remind you about this day: February 27th, 2016.


JoomlaDay Florida 2016 is the first ever JoomlaDay in Florida. It will be held in Hillsborough Community College Ybor City, Tampa, Florida.

What will be there?

There will be many useful knowledge-sharing presentations for you. Basically, you’ll learn about how to work better with Joomla, how to earn money with it and how to strengthen up your Joomla website.  Check out the schedule below:

JoomlaDay Florida schedule

JoomlaShine has 4 free tickets for the quickest hands (for our US customers only). Contact us to claim your free JoomlaDay Florida ticket!

See you there!

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