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Release JSN Ferado 2 version 2.0.0


Today, 14/12/2017 JoomlaShine releases JSN Ferado 2 ver 2.0.0. This is the first template in new generation products which are upgraded from current JoomlaShine templates. The new generation will be up-to-date with modern design and stronger features. After the brand new template JSN Ultranet, JoomlaShine will continue to upgrade all templates in second generation to create the best quality for our products.

As we know about JSN Ferado, the template has two niches for Virtuemart and redShop, the two E-commerce solutions for Joomla! Website. The new version comes with more detailed optimization for E-commerce features by two distinct homepages, one for Virtuemart and one for redShop. This is one the most remarkable changes in comparison with the previous version of JSN Ferado 2, which contains only two different design for shopping pages.

Firstly, homepage design for Virtuemart focuses more on single products and image gallery with support for video and promotion banner. It helps to present better visual effects and attract new visitors by good impression. On the other hand, homepage for redShop supports more for categories, it results in better experience for visitors in searching. The two homepages also support blog articles to express your content and information, which is rarely supported by other Joomla! fashion templates.  

For E-commerce features, JSN Ferado 2 version 2.0.0 has optimized front-end display for checkout flow for both Virtuemart and redShop. Joomla! default content is also re-designed with better styles. Moreover, multicolor styles is available with 6 preset-color variations would bring many choices for all kind of Joomla! stores. Especially for Virtuemart, product detail now can show size, color and discount rate according to your setup.

To know more about JSN Ferado 2 feature, click here to visit detail page.

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