[Released] JSN ImageShow 4.5.2 - More improved features

Below are some of the improved features of JSN ImageShow version 4.5.2 which was released a few days ago. Let's check to see if they are the features that you have been looking for.

Keep text format in images descriptions from Phoca & JoomGallery albums

The text format of any image descriptions you created in your Phoca or JoomGallery albums will be automatically applied to the JSN ImageShow's image description. So when you sync images from Phoca or JoomGallery to JSN ImageShow, you do not have to write the description again. It definitely saves time.

We also give our thanks to Walczak Maciej (a JoomlaShine customer) for this great suggestion.


Your image's description will be automatically applied to JSN ImageShow

A simple editor is added to edit image description

You can add basic text formatting such as bold, italic, strike-through and underline. You can also undo, redo and remove formatting thanks to the simple editor in the modal window to edit an image description.


A simple editor to edit image descriptions


Image description in the front end

Using jQuery instead of Mootools

JSN ImageShow is now fully compatible with Joomla 3.0 since the current slides to select showlist and showcase are coded by jQuery instead of Mootools as before. From now on, you can enjoy JSN ImageShow on Joomla 3.0 without any concerns, for sure.

For more information about the changelog of JSN ImageShow 4.5.2, you can check it here.

To discover more about this version, download or update JSN ImageShow now. Also, your comments are always welcomed.


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