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JSN PageBuilder recently has regular updates in functionality that reflects the efforts from JoomlaShine in developing the feature-rich visual composing solution for Joomla users. Therefore, the upcoming JSN Pagebuilder 3 Beta will be released with the firm promise from publishers that it could bring remarkable changes, which are defined by the concept of innovative UI design and multiple levels of manipulation. Let’s take a quick tour on the new updates.

New graphical user interface

  • Full screen editor

  • All elements are moved to the left hand side

  • Inspector contains 3 tabs: general, styling and advanced

  • New toolbar for better UI

The first updates that have to be mentioned is full screen editor, it means users will have more space for free vision and editing panel, no more tiny area that contain a lot of tabs and elements. All elements will be presented on the left instead of the right hand side with inspector panel as previous versions. This changes would help users to avoid mistake in editing for multiple elements.

The new inspector panel stays on the right hand side and contains 3 tabs, they are general, styling and advanced. General inspector depends on what element is chosen because each element will have particular general setting. Styling inspector is engineered to create the appearance of elements and the advanced setting is for user at intermediate level. These two tabs are the same for all elements.

One more considerable change in UI is the new toolbar of JSN PageBuilder 3 will replace the default Joomla toolbar in article editing for smoother manipulation.

What our video to see more about new changes on JSN PageBuilder 3

Significant upgrade in features

  • More variations for each elements

  • Styling presets for elements

  • Multiple devices optimization

  • Custom CSS in advanced inspector

  • Hotkey for faster manipulation

New element variations make the new Joomla composer much more powerful with more variations for each element and there will be more updates in design for better usability.

Another big plus is styling preset for elements. There are three types of preset including presets for box, button and text. All presets can be saved and reused with no limitation to save time and increase productivity.

Moreover, the preview picker makes this function become more powerful due to the convenience and friendly UI design.

In addition, multiple devices optimization is a further upgrade of preview mode that allows users to redesign and rearrange page layout on different devices. For users at advanced level, hotkey and smart custom CSS for faster editing and extremely complex page design will fulfill their demands.

More changes will be made after this version

JSN PageBuilder 3 does not only stop with these changes, but it also bring a lot of improvement in designs and functions for elements, more advanced features for high-level Joomla developers.

One more function that is really worth to wait in later version is sample templates for page sections and page articles, which will work in familiar way with sample data on JSN templates but much more flexible.

User interface will also be improved by theme options for screen editor with more color schemes.

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