[Released] JSN PowerAdmin 1.3.0 - more improvements to explore

There are many Joomla users who are installing JSN PowerAdmin on their sites, therefore we always try to work hard to make JSN PowerAdmin more powerful and helpful to Joomla users. We have now released version 1.3.0. For those who do not know JSN PowerAdmin – it's a useful extension which can help you manage your Joomla site easily.

JSN PowerAdmin 1.3.0 - What's new?

Third-party extensions support

JSN PowerAdmin 1.3.0

4 third-party extensions now supported in JSN PowerAdmin 1.3.0

Now, JSN PowerAdmin supports 4 third-party extensions: K2, Zoo, EasyBlog and VirtueMart as separate plug-ins:

  • K2 in Search, Site Manager, and Site Search
  • Zoo, EasyBlog and VirtueMart in Search and Site Search

K2 support in JSN PowerAdmin

To set them up, you install these extensions via Joomla back-end, then go to JSN PowerAdmin - Configuration -> Plugins and click the button Install below the extension you want to use. More extensions might be supported in the future.

JSN PowerAdmin 1.3.0

Plugin "Extensions Support" in JSN PowerAdmin Configuration

Please note that this function works well with Joomla 2.5 only.

Configure the JSN PowerAdmin icon's link in back-end

In the previous versions, when clicking on the JSN PowerAdmin logo in the back-end, you can quickly access a website page in a new browser.


Click on POWERADMIN to open a link

From version 1.3.0 you can access a website page in a New browser or the Current browser. You just need to configure it in the back-end.


Open a JSN PowerAdmin logo link in 2 ways

I've introduced you new features of JSN PowerAdmin 1.3.0. I myself think that it's best if you can discover JSN PowerAdmin yourself, then you can understand why it can help you so much.


As usual, any of your comments are welcome.

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