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Start building your business website with Joomla 2.5 - Why not?


One day, my friend said to me "Hey buddy, I need to build a business website with Joomla but I don't know what exactly to do, help me!". Luckily I'm a big fan of Joomla and have experience in building website and felt that I could help my friend.

I did not want to rely on just my personal experience, so I researched about building a business website and found many tips to set up a basic, good business website on the Joomla platform. I concentrated on Joomla 2.5 in particular and when I told her I found a lot of information she looked happy. Maybe you are in the same situation? If so, I decided to share my research with you on blog. There are only a few steps in this article and I hope you will succeed in building a Jooma business website by yourself.

Choosing a template

The first thing you should do is choose a template for your website. In my opinion, a good business template can satisfy the following criteria:

  • Has a suitable design
  • Is well-coded
  • Is light weight
  • Supports mobile

There are many available free templates with many styles available on websites such as blogtemplate4u, joomla24, justfreetemplates, templatki and more. You could pick up any template you like at those websites depending on your needs.

You should also consider using JSN Epic template - A template which is not only elegant but also very functional. It meets all of the above requirements.

Ants Project Management Consultants Website| Business website

You can download JSN Epic Free or purchase the JSN Epic PROs which includes more template parameters and styles for your site according to your business scale and needs. There is also detailed documentation about using the template.

Choosing suitable Joomla extensions

First you should take a look at my list of 9 must-have Joomla extensions for all websites. After deciding on which of those extensions to use you should then go on to the next step - picking up 7 recommended extensions for business websites:

  • News display: Display News by BK
  • Multimedia display: Rokbox
  • Contact forms: Fox Contact form
  • Banner: SocialAds for Joomla
  • FAQ: JoomlaBamboo FAQ
  • Forum: Kunena
  • Language: Gtranslate

All of them are compatible with Joomla 2.5 and under GNU/GPL license.

News display

An extension for displaying news is an effective tool for a business website. It is most useful ifyou have a lot of important information relating to your products or client, or even just latest news which you feel is important to announce.

I recommend Display News by BK, a great module that integrates a handful of essential features for news/articles display. BK stands for Boris Komraz, this extension's developer. There are many options in the module parameters for you to configure thereby making a suitable content presentation. Content items can be shown in vertical and/or horizontal positions. In addition, the module supports different style families: content items styles, table styles and display news dedicated styles. You can download it for free.

Display News by BK on Teleparc| Business website

Multimedia display

If you want to bring images and videos into your website, you absolutely need extensions to do this. And the extension I recommend to you is RokBox, a product by RocketTheme.

RokBox allows you to quickly and easily display multiple media formats including images, videos (video sharing services also) and music. RokBox provides a theme system that allows you to create your own custom theme to fit your websites design. RokBox is easy to install and customize, providing a way to create your own custom themes. You can download now for free.

Rokbox on MS&IT| Business website

Contact forms

This is an essential element on any website, especially a business website. A contact form is where you connect to your clients easily and quickly. If you want to impress your clients, you definitely need a good contact form extension.

Fox Contact is a professional contact form extension which is very easy to setup and is designed for Joomla. Tableless css and css styled output simplify integration on your website. It offers some features such as multiple recipients, anti-spam, captcha system and it supports multi-language. There are more and more websites using Fox Contact.

Fox Contact is also a non-commercial extension you can download for free.

Fox Contact Form on RUDZI INC| Business website


As in any business you need to find a way to attract customers. How about Advertising on your website? There are benefits for doing this. Banner management extensions are a perfect solution for you, and SocialAds is a good option that you should consider.

SocialAds is a fully fledged advertising solution for your Joomla based website. In addition to serving as a full featured advertising system, it also offers Social integration for leading extensions like JomSocial and Community Builder, allowing you to let your advertisers do demographic targeting for their Ads and target any user segments on your site. With its intuitive Ad Builder, SocialAds makes it a breeze for advertisers to get their ads designed online and running in no time while you sit back and watch the cash flow in.

This is a commercial extension, but I'm sure will pay for itself, and more, in no time. You can purchase it now!

SocialAds for Joomla on Simple Quality| Business website

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Every successful business website answers questions from their clients quickly. How can you too do this? FAQ extensions help you to do this. There are many various kinds for you to choose from, but in this article I recommend Accordion FAQ, a free, popular and reliable extension favored by many Joomla users.

Accordion FAQ is available in either module or plugin form. It allows you to easily add a Frequently Asked Questions section to any article. The FAQ is made up of content that exists in the article and can contain anything (images, lists, tables, etc.) that can be placed in an article. Besides, it supports 25+ preconfigured display themes.

You can download for free and use it easily.

Accordion FAQ demo| Business website


A forum is area where you can receive questions or feedback, give responses, solve your clients' problems, highlight something relating to your business or just have fun with some hobby. This is a good bridge to make you, your colleagues and your clients closer.

Kunena is the ideal forum extension for Joomla. It's free, fully integrated, and no bridges or hacks are required. Currently, the Kunena team has released Kunena 1.7.2 as a native Joomla extension for Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 2.5. This is an important maintenance release and it replaces all previous versions of Kunena. It is recommended that all users upgrade to Kunena 1.7.2 at the earliest opportunity. Here is link for the download.

Kunena on Simple Quality| Business website


Your clients might come from anywhere in the world, so if your website simply displays one or few languages, your business will probably suffer. A professional and successful business website needs an effective language extension. I have found that GTranslate, developed by 2GLux, is just such a tool. If you are familiar with Google translate you will readily recognize this extension.

GTranslate uses Google Translate's power to make your website multilingual. With 58 available languages your site will be available to more than 98% of Internet users. Download it now, install it onto your Joomla business website and your clients will feel right at home on your website!

Gtranslate on Simple Quality| Business website


Those are my initial thoughts on how to build a Joomla business website using templates and extensions. There are many more than the 7 extensions I have mentioned. Go out and search for extensions you like on JED (Joomla Extensions Directory). I hope this article was useful to you. I wish you success in doing business!

Oh, don't forget to leave your comments below!

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