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By Hanh
Posted in Joomla Tutorials
  When you begin to make acquaintance with Joomla , you certainly need material which assists you in using it. However, sometimes, you cannot read a b...
By Hanh
Posted in Joomla Tutorials
  From the first time I used to Joomla , I was really excited and I wanted to know more about it, so I looked for resources, materials, tutorials, art...
By Helen
When you want to learn anything, the first important thing that you need is to have a good book. You can go to a book store to find one, or search for an e-book on the Internet. In addition, there is another resource where you can get so much useful information- a well-known blog. Learning Joomla is not the only one. There are many Joomla blogs to support the user. One of the most useful Joomla blogs in my opinion is “joomlablogger.net”. Unlike a book, the joomlablogger.net website is always being updated with new and interesting information. You can take its most popular blog posts as your lessons for your learning all about Joomla. Well, let’s start now! About joomlablogger.net First of all, I would like to introduce you to this website and its administrator. This website is built for Joomla users who are at any level of Joomla use. The administrator is Kristoffer Sandven and he has worked as a professional Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) and a Joomla consultant. He has undertaken the work of Joomla blogging and run this site since 2009. For more details, you can look here. This website is a large resource of Joomla knowledge and you can learn about Joomla via the Joomla articles in the categories “Joomla tutorials”, “Joomla tips” and get the latest Joomla news updates in the category “Joomla News”. Moreover, the administrator also gives you a quick look at Joomla templates, Joomla extensions and services. In addition, because this is an open blog, you can feel free to express your ideas as well as suggest topics. Even if you just want to advertise on this site, you can do it, because this blog is visited by thousand of Joomla users from 126 countries, so it has great potential! The website “joomlablogger.net”
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Presenting professional photos becomes a daily basic need with web designing or blog writing nowadays. Picking up photos from Free stock photos is easy, but normally they come with restrictions of back links or limitations for printing purposes. To get high-quality photos with more privileges and fewer worries, you should choose premium stock photo resoruces. We create Joomla templates and Joomla extensions. These products need to be present for high-quality images to look more beautiful and lively. Therefore, sometimes I collect popular resources of great images and make comparisons between them to find out the best places to buy photos. If you want to know what I have done and what flavors you can add to your website, let’s have a look on this article. It includes two parts: Part 1: Top five royalty-free premium stock photo resources review. Part 2: Personal noted experience on buying stock photos.
By huyennt
Posted in Joomla Tutorials
“What is Joomla?” , “Learning Joomla, is it hard?”, “Mastering Joomla, how long does it take?” – They seem to be FAQs of all Joomla users, at whatever stage – Beginners, beginner plus or advanced users. How do you get them answered?
By huyennt
Posted in Joomla Tutorials
Even though you are using Reddit, Technorati or Facebook to keep informed of Joomla! news, there’s still a lot lacking if you don’t use Twitter – A extremely popular social networking space that always allows you to update the latest news fastest in the shortest time.
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JoomlaShine Team is amazingly happy to announce the launch official JoomlaShine Blog . To continue with delivering awesome Joomla templates and outsta...

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