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  Shh, let me tell you a secret. JoomlaShine and StackIdeas have just given out an incredible full blog solution with a very attractive price. JSN Pix...
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You love Joomla? You have Joomla skills and you love to share ? Did you know that you can get paid for writing ? Yes, I know what I am talking about a...
By Hoa
Beim ersten Mal als ich nach Joomla-SEO recherchierte, hatte ich viele Fragen in meinem Kopf. Ich habe gemerkt, dass nicht nur Joomla-Anfänger, sonder...
By Amber
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  Deutsch The first time I researched Joomla SEO, I had many questions in my mind. And I saw that not only Joomla newbies but also webmasters had the ...
By Amber
Posted in Joomla Tutorials
Each of us knows about the importance of improving search engine optimization (SEO). You can read a lot of articles about how to optimize original Joomla templates on the Internet - but it's not the best way. You can save your time and have a better result with SEO plugins for Joomla. That's the reason why one of the most frequently questions now is: "Which Joomla extensions are good for SEO?" First, I will note what you need to do to improve SEO of your website: On page Control Meta tags (such as title tag, description tag): the keywords in these elements will be shown up in search results. Search engines can know your site talks about what. Fix crawl errors: search engines will regard your website as a high-quality one and improve your ranking. Rewrite the URLs: The default URL can't help search engines to get information about the content of a page. You should rewrite the URLs, so that the friendly URLs allow your site to achieve better rankings. SEO article content: Not only the main page but also each of your articles can affect the ranking in search results. Off page Submit sitemap: get your website indexed by search engines in the way you want. Build back links: more links will generally lead to better search engine rankings and a better Google Page Rank. Check the traffic: monitor the visitors and improve your SEO continuously. I have been testing various extensions to solve all of the above points. I choose tools for Joomla websites only. I didn't evaluate tools for general websites such as: SEO Powersuite, SEOmoz or Raven. Therefore, this article will give you six excellent SEO plugins which you can search for easily in Joomla extensions directory (JED).
By Amber
Deutsch Joomla SEO template is very important with a administrator. A beautiful template is not enough if it doesn’t help you have a high rank in Google. So when we made the Joomla template, we tried to optimize it for SEO as much as possible. Let’s see how JSN Epic template optimized. Decrease the loading time: JSN Epic template, all the multiple icons and single images are merged in one single image file, so you can reduce the number of HTTP requests to the server. And more than that, you can make all of the files compressed to be one file when you enable CSS/JS in SEO parameters template. So the loading time is faster and the search engines will care much more.

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