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By Amber
Deutsch Joomla SEO template is very important with a administrator. A beautiful template is not enough if it doesn’t help you have a high rank in Google. So when we made the Joomla template, we tried to optimize it for SEO as much as possible. Let’s see how JSN Epic template optimized. Decrease the loading time: JSN Epic template, all the multiple icons and single images are merged in one single image file, so you can reduce the number of HTTP requests to the server. And more than that, you can make all of the files compressed to be one file when you enable CSS/JS in SEO parameters template. So the loading time is faster and the search engines will care much more.
At you can download product files at Customer Area right after successful payment. Here is the quick guide just in case you missed your download. Login to Customer Area The first thing is to login to Customer Area from the main menu.
When using the product PRO STANDARD or PRO UNLIMITED edition you have to register domain in our system. This instruction describes how to register the domain. Note: The system does not generate any license key. You do not need to type license key into the product. Login to Customer Area The first thing is to login to Customer Area from the main menu.
JoomlaShine has very flexible pricing structure that allows you to upgrade from PRO STANDARD to PRO UNLIMITED edition by paying only the price difference. This article describes easy steps to purchase edition upgrade. Login to Customer Area The first thing is to login to Customer Area from the main menu.
An outstanding example, JoomlaShine templates using many familiar Joomla extensions such as: Kunena, JEvents,Community Builder, K2 Building a great website is what everyone hopes for when they start build their own. But it is hard to create a complete and attractive website without the excellent support of Joomla Extensions. We at JoomlaShine know that, and today in my story I will tell you how graceful and elegant JoomlaShine Templates and Joomla extensions can be! You can do the Joomla templates customization by your self. It would be too much if we listed all templates and extensions so in this article I will only focus on the featured products below: K2 VirtueMart Kunena JEvents Community Builder
Before and after use JSN Template Sample Data Working in the web development field for a long time, we often hear about how complex it is to configure a Joomla website. It takes a lot of time to achieve a result like the one presented on the demo site. The process becomes easier when you have some experience. This inspired us to develop a unique JSM Sample Data function, which automates the whole process of making your newly-installed template look exactly like the one on the demo site. You are not required to have any advanced knowledge about Joomla CMS to use this function. It should be easy to use. Before starting to work on this feature, we put the users’ priorities first: understanding their needs and behavior. We put the best practices in usability for developing an intuitive user workflow. Thus, even the a Joomla user with basic knowledge about Joomla! is capable of using the function without any manual configuration. In general, files/packages are uploaded using an FTP client - additional, software which requires extra time and money. We simplified this process through a simple upload form built – in templates. The configuration process happens only in Joomla administration control panel.

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