Free Stock Photos for Designers and Bloggers

If you're non-photographers, I know for sure that you, designers or bloggers, are in need of free images for your websites, brochures or blogs most of the time. I understand it perfectly as I am not a photographer either. This means we hate having to look for images uploaded by other photographers.

In this post, I will share with you some good sources for free stock photos. You can use them in whatever format you like; but remember that you should be careful in regard to copyright laws when you choose images. According to the Berne Convention, a photo is copyrighted from the moment it is taken. When the photo is uploaded onto a website and you happen to fall in love with it, then want to use it in your own product, you must cite the photographer’s name and the source.

Here are a few good free stock photos that I've collected. These free image sources usually cooperate with commercial image sites as advertising channels. That's why there are some fee-required images inserted in free image sites at times. You need pay attention to this in order to avoid being directed to somewhere else. No worries,in this article I will advise you of the sources that partner-up with commercial image sites.

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