How to download invoice after purchasing JoomlaShine products

Having worked in pre-sales chat and in customer support for a long time, I noticed that many customers have the same question "Do JoomlaShine provide an invoice?" or "How do I download an invoice after a purchase?" Yes, we do provide an "Invoice" with all the information you need. In this article, I will instruct you how to download it. It's really simple!

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How to download invoice after purchasing JoomlaShine products

Update JSN ImageShow easily from old versions

No need to worry about updating JSN ImageShow to the latest version anymore. Dear customers, from version 4.0.0, you can see a red notification in the footer of all JSN ImageShow's pages at backend, whenever a new version is released. Just click it and your JSN ImageShow will be updated automatically.

Watch the below video to understand how this function works.

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JSN Gruve - New Joomla! template is coming soon!

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A week ago, JoomlaShine released JSN Boot - a responsive Bootstrap-based template for Joomla 3.0. Since Joomla 3.0 is extremely HOT news as well as predicted, it has received a bunch of nice feedback from Joomla! users. Not stop there, we are concentrating on coming release of JSN Gruve - you can meet and enjoy this colorful template in the next days!

Are you curious about JSN Gruve's preview? Here it is.

JSN Gruve preview|JoomlaShine templates

JSN Gruve is coming!

Click here to see JSN Gruve layout

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How to upgrade JSN ImageShow from Free to PRO without re-installing?

From version 4.0.0, you can upgrade JSN ImageShow from Free to PRO in the back-end, in a few seconds, without re-installing. This process saves you time and effort.

Please make sure that:

  • You have installed JSN ImageShow Free from version 4.0.0
  • You have bought JSN ImageShow PRO

Now, we will get started.

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Pre-sales FAQs - How to purchase Joomla templates & extensions from Joomlashine easily?

Hi guys, I am Huyen - I have worked in the pre-sales support team at Joomlashine for one and a half years. My daily work is answering questions from customers and would-be customers of Joomlashine - people who buy our Joomla templates and Joomla extensions.

You know, I am asked a lot of similar questions, so it would be great if all of these were gathered together in one place so that if you have the same questions, you can search for the answers quickly.

I hope that you like this idea. Now, let's get started.


Q1: Do your products support Joomla 3.0 & further Joomla versions?

A: Yes. All Joomlashine templates and Joomlashine extensions support Joomla 3.0. These products will support all further Joomla version as well.

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