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The JoomlaShine team is on its way to Joomla Day Melbourne 2013... Let’s meet up there!


Description: Description: JoomlaShine attend JDM 2013

A great day for Joomla lovers among all the Joomla Days all around the world - Joomla Day Melbourne 2013 will be held officially on January 19th and 20th , 2013. There are 2 days with a lot of interesting topics about Joomla presented by Joomla experts – ‘rock stars’ like Brian Teeman , Peter van Westen, Anthony Olsen, Norm Douglas and Patrick Jackson as well as Joomla speakers from all around the world. Most importantly, you will have a great time with other Joomla fans, grab some beer then talk, share and build new friendships ;)

JoomlaShine sponsor this event and the JoomlaShine team are also contributing to the Joomla conference with an interesting speech about “Making Joomla Administration Easy”. You will meet JSN PowerAdmin again but newer, greater, and ready for the next Joomla improvements and it’s still FREE!

Let’s check out the detailed program to explore what other interesting topics there are!

JoomlaShine team... where are you?

Although Joomla Day will be held in Melbourne on Jan 19th and 20th, but we will come to visit Australia earlier. We will be on the streets of Sydney from Jan 11th to 17th , so meet us there, share your concerns and suggestions for anything you want from our products. It will be a great time together!

Then, we will go straight to Melbourne and attend Joomla Day there from Jan 18th-21st, we can get a drink and have a talk. We can’t wait to meet you guys there!

Wait a minute... I forgot to tell you about 3 the JoomlaShine guys you will meet and how to contact them.

Description: Description: Thang - CEO

  • Skype: gsmeanspro
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The first guy, Thang - CEO of JoomlaShine - the visionary who leads the company direction while overseeing the design, the coding, the support flow and everything else. He will bring you an interesting presentation “Making Joomla! administration easier” in this JDM2013.

Description: Description: Tuan - CMO

  • Skype: just_tuan
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The second guy, Tuan - CMO of JoomlaShine - he is the force that moves our products to customers in right way, giving customers what they want and making them happy.

Description: Description: Hien - CTO

  • Skype: skull2h
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The third guy, Hien - CTO of JoomlaShine - takes care of the JoomlaShine "machine" - which moves the whole JoomlaShine team forward in a fast and stable manner; what workstation to assemble, what server to host on, and what development flow to stick with.

Why you should go to JDM 2013

Hey Joomla fans, there are a lot of good things that you have missed, so please don’t miss this Joomla Day because this will be the biggest, best Australian Joomla conference ever. The opportunity to learn Joomla from the experts - things that you won’t find out on the Internet - make new business relationships, and develop your own network of Joomla friends - all truly invaluable.

Share this information to your friends, via Facebook, Twitter and any way other you can, to come and enjoy a great 2-day event with us there!

What are you waiting for? Buy a ticket right now and be ready because this interesting event is gonna happen in just the next few days! There are 3 choices for you to buy a ticket:

  • Ticket for 2 day conference: $197
  • Ticket for Saturday only: $117
  • Ticket for Sunday only: $109

Moreover, as a subscriber to the Joomla! Day Melbourne 2013 conference e-news you'll now receive 25% off the cost of your full weekend conference tickets. How? Use the code MJUG2013 when booking your conference tickets, that’s all!


That’s a great day you shouldn’t miss, so see you there!


JSN PowerAdmin 1.2.6 - a great improvement of K2 s...
JSN UniForm has been listed on JED!

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