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Even though you are using Reddit, Technorati or Facebook to keep informed of Joomla! news, there’s still a lot lacking if you don’t use Twitter – A extremely popular social networking space that always allows you to update the latest news fastest in the shortest time.

You love Joomla? Just simply join the active Joomla community on Twitter!

I've compiled a list of Twitter pages pertaining to Joomla matters for Joomla users and developers. Now you are free to travel from Joomla learning resources, Joomla Extensions Providers to Joomla bloggers.

Joomla learning resources

The resource below is for those looking ways to deploy, customize and extend Joomla. Just get fresh tweets on visual Joomla tutorials, tips and tricks to build or do SEO on your Joomla websites effectively!

  • @theArtOfJoomla – A resource for Joomla developers and high-end users - produced by Andrew Eddie, Joomla Development Coordinator.
  • @JoomTraining – JoomTraining provides Joomla tutorials, video tutorials, Joomla training service, and online Joomla support.
  • @howtojoomla – Tips and tricks for getting the most out of Joomla.
  • @lyndadotcomHelping you learn, master, and apply Joomla as well as digital tools and techniques.
  • @pnutster - Provide commercial Joomla Video Tutorials for beginners, intermediate and professional Joomla users.
  • @JoomlaTips - Core and development tips for Joomla users.
  • @Joomla_Direct - Joomla video tutorials & tips for beginners.
  • @ostraining - Helping you build Joomla websites with videos, practical training and personal support.
  • @joomlaguy - Provide Joomla video tutorials for Joomla basics

Joomla Extensions Providers

It is nearly impossible to build a high-functional Joomla website without extensions. Here you can follow official Twitter pages of the most popular Joomla extensions to buy discounted products, update latest news and get additional benefits. Adding value to your website couldn’t be easier.

  • @joomlaworksK2, AllVideos, Tabs & Sliders and more – Cutting edge extensions for Joomla.
  • @hwdMediaSharehwdVideoShare – Build media–rich online communities on Joomla website.
  • @akeebackupAkeeba Backup – Back up component for Joomla site.
  • @JoomAceAceSEF – Joomla SEF URLs generator.
  • @stackideasEasyBlog – Blog for Joomla.
  • @rsjoomlaRSform Pro – Custom forms creator for Joomla.
  • @joomlapolisCB Captcha – Captcha image and security field along with verification logic.
  • @acybaAcyMailing Starter – Newsletter and email marketing.
  • @jcalproJCal Pro – Multi–language events calendar.
  • @PhocaCzPhoca Gallery – Image Gallery with slideshow.
  • @jceeditorJCE – WYSIWYG editor.
  • @dthdevelopmentDT Register – Event Registration.
  • @NoNumber_nlDB Replacer – Search and replace in database.
  • @jSeblodCCK jSeblod – Customized content type construction.
  • @vistamediaFLEXIcontent - Content management system.
  • @ joomlashine - JSN PowerAdmin - Admin navigation
  • @vdrover - sh404SEF - Joomla SEF for URL management
  • @joomfish - JoomFish - Multi-language content
  • @joomlapolish - Community Builder - Joomla! members management system
  • @joomlaforms - Breezing Forms - Forms creator
  • @virtuemart - Virtue Mart - Shopping cart
  • @joomlatune - Jcomments - AJAX based comment system for Joomla
  • @kuena - Kuena - Joomla Forum
  • @stackideas - Easy Blog - Joomla blog

Joomla bloggers

Joomla is ubiquitous and is used on both simple and complex websites. If you want to know reasons why, let’s hear Joomla's opinions and insights from personal perspectives of Joomla bloggers below:

Joomla world is growing everyday, so may useful Twitter pages might not be mentioned here. That’s why I really appreciate if you let’s me know ones I missed in the comments and I'll constantly expand this list. You know, Joomla power comes from community.

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