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Tools to manage multiple Joomla websites with ease

Tools to manage multiple Joomla websites with ease


For any Joomla administrators who are facing with the trouble of handling multiple Joomla sites, this article will give you the best solution. I‘m going to review two useful Joomla extensions for creating & handling multiple Joomla sites with the details about each product.

Both of the extensions I mentioned here are very easy to use with intuitive admin panel and have a detailed documentation. So even you are a newbie I believe you still can work with them without trouble.

Let’s not beat around the bush anymore!

If you want to create multiple sites on the same Joomla installation

Then this section is suitable for you - Joomla users who want to create:

I highly recommend you to use MightySites. This premium Joomla extension allows you to create many Joomla websites follow the above cases in minutes with ease. This is the best solution for running similar websites using same database tables. All sites can be configured in one place.

Tools to manage multiple Joomla websites with ease - MightySites extension

Here I note down some amazing things MightySites can save you a lot of time on building Joomla websites:


  • Cloning databases for new sites from existing sites --> no MySQL knowledge required, you just need to understand the database table prefix and the database itself. With this, you still can have a copied version without any troubles.
  • Overriding sites running with the same database and files --> you will find it very useful if you want to redesign your brand style, your website design or remove some unnecessary menus & modules.
  • Single account in specified Joomla websites, which use the same database table or share users table-->  it will be very simple to remember the username and password of all your sites.

Tools to manage multiple Joomla websites with ease - MightySites extension Override

Besides the powerful features, MightySites has some things you should consider. Because it works almost based on the database sharing so you need to understand clearly about your demand before using it. If you clone all the databases, included unnecessary tables, it might make your site loading slowly and it can affect your bandwidth. Whenever you have a question,  you should contact AlterBrains team before planning your project. They're enthusiastic and they reply the ticket very quickly.

If you want to manage multiple Joomla sites at once

This section is suitable for Joomla users who need to manage many Joomla sites from any domains and hosting services. In this case, I recommend you to use service. Watchful is amazing tool to maintain as well as tracking traffic of Joomla websites. Watchful can reduce the working time a lot, ease your Joomla work and help you to control the websites seamlessly.

Tools to manage multiple Joomla websites with ease -

Here are the best features I love from

  • Updating Joomla and other extensions (including commercial extensions) of all websites with just clicks --> this is the easiest way to keep your website always up to date
  • Remote installer that allows you to install extension to any or all of your websites --> You don’t have to do the boring installation that are meant to be repeated again and again for each website.
  • Site Audit with report about detected website issues: malware, Joomla configuration file --> This keeps your website more secure and also improves your SEO performance.
  • Monitoring the server status --> You can quickly find out the trouble related to your server as well as the down time to resolve them on time.
  • White-label reports --> this is very useful for a developer to generate the reports for client about the website statistics .

Tools to manage multiple Joomla websites with ease -

Working with, you need to beware that works as a remote service. So remember to refresh the dashboard to load the latest data whenever you login.

That’s all my gear

Above are two charming Joomla tools which help me a lot in working with multiple Joomla websites. It’s true to say that they keep me far away from stress and bring me much time for other work as well as relaxing. I’ve shared you my secret weapons and I hope they also can help you to improve your work. Feel free to leave your comment below if you have any question or other idea.

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