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Top 10 Free Joomla 3.x Extensions

Top 10 Free Joomla 3.x Extensions

 Updated in Nov 2016

Joomla is a CMS with rich functionality, but if you are building a Joomla-based site you will definitely need some extensions, in addition to those included in the starter package.

The standard Joomla package includes a minimum set of extensions, modules and plugins. Joomla developers originally positioned their CMS to be extended with third-party components. Thus, they started a unique system that helps develop and test extensions, modules and plugins. And today there are millions of Joomla extensions.

In this blog post we’d like to concentrate on the best of the best extensions for your favorite CMS. We’ve outlined the Top 10 free Joomla 3.x extensions that will be useful for every project. Have a look at the list below and be sure to check out these extensions.

Viva la Joomla!


Advanced Module Manager


Advanced Module Manager Extension

With Advanced Module Manager you can easily change the way your default module manager looks. Additionally you will get a bunch of cool functions like:

  • Publishing assignments for your modules;
  • Range of assignment changes for your modules;
  • Edit your modules right in the pop-up window;
  • Color code your modules for listing easiness;
  • Hide modules that have no output.


JSN Power Admin


JSN PowerAdmin Extension

JSN PowerAdmin is a free content management extension for Joomla. Basically it’s a tool that will help owners manage their site with ease

  • Spotlight search allows you to find any content type in the back-end;
  • Easily manage your website menus, menu items, modules, articles, categories;
  • Drag and drop functionality to reorder menu items;
  • Allows you to set the Admin session to infinite.
  • Read more: JSN PowerAdmin 2 for more effective Joomla!




FaLang extension

With FaLang, you can translate your site in multiple languages in the easiest way. This component allows you to manage all your content translations, even the content of all your components/modules, on your web site.

  • Translate k2, aiContactSafe, Hikashop, Redshop, jDownload, phocaDownload
  • Easily add new components at a later date & translate new content
  • Do not have a specific language for menu or article
  • Create multilanguage website without copy single item
  • SEO friendly extension.


Asynchronous Google Analytics Plugin


Asynchronous Google Analytics Plugin Extension

The Asynchronous Google Analytics Plugin will be useful for you if you are trying to increase the speed of your website. This extension allows for the rest of your site to load while the analytics code loads in the background thus increasing the load speed of your site. 

  • Multiple sub domain support;
  • Support for tweaking variables such as user session and cookie expiry times;
  • Anonymous IP tracking;
  • Read more: Tips to speed up your Joomla sites!



ReReplacer Extension

With ReReplacer you can easily replace anything in your Joomla site output with anything you need. All replacements are made on the fly, meaning that they are not permanent. They are done every time you request a web page in your site.

  • Add/remove/change elements in the html structure of your site;
  • Add extra ways to style elements or change the layout;
  • Create your own plugin-like tags;
  • Clean up unwanted html;
  • Replace simple words.




K2 extension

K2 provides an out-of-the box integrated solution featuring rich content forms for items (think of Joomla articles with additional fields for article images, videos, image galleries and attachments), nested-level categories, tags, comments.

  • Nested-level categories;
  • Commenting, integrated with Google reCaptcha & Akismet;
  • Image gallery, videos, attachments
  • Smart ACL for front editing.


Twitter Widget Slider


Twitter Widget Slider Extension

Want to show your latest tweets? Please consider the Twitter Widget Slider extension. With its help you can display your latest tweets on the homepage of your site. Plus, the Twitter sidebar is adjustable in both height and width in pixels.

  • Display latest tweets;
  • Display Tweets from multiple Twitter accounts
  • Lightweight extension.



KeyCAPTCHA Extension

Captcha is one of the essential elements on any website. Captcha helps preventing spams very effectively. KeyCAPTCHA - CAPTCHA with social features will be your guardian. Plus, it doesn’t require any text typing.

  • Support charity funds by enabling social advertising
  • Doesn’t need to type captcha to verify;
  • Lightweight extension.


JSN PageBuilder

JSN PageBuilder

JSN PageBuilder is a powerful Drag and Drop Page builder for Joomla. This extension allows you to build amazing pages effortlessly. Just drag and drop the page elements you want, construct content visually without any lines of code and get instant view of what is going on with live preview.

  • Various advanced page elements
  • Drag and Drop interface;
  • Add any kind of content;
  • Live preview;
  • Built-in animation and styles;
  • And many more powerful features
  • Read more: Create a Joomla site with Page Builder 3!




Sourcerer Extension

With the Sourcerer you can easily put code anywhere you want it: into the middle of your content, article, section, category, component, META tag, simply everywhere. Use the Sourcerer wisely.

  • Easy to use via Editor button;
  • Multiple language support;
  • Allows placement of any code (HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript) ;
  • Place code into original WYSIWYG editor.


Besides these above things, you might need other extensions to help you create your Joomla site easily with professional & amazing design. Let explore our Joomla extensions!


In case you’re feeling that something is missing feel free to use the comments section to post your favorite (or the ones you consider the best) extensions for Joomla.

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