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Top 3 Joomla 3.x e-Commerce extensions

Top 3 Joomla 3.x e-Commerce extensions


*Updated in Oct 2016

If it was hard to find the most suitable shopping cart extensions for your Joomla website just a few year ago, then now, you might be overwhelmed by a great amount of those extensions. With many options, you need to consider carefully before choosing the right one for your site. This blog entry will analyze the top 3 e-Commerce extensions that all are ready for Joomla 3.x to help you make your decision.



VirtueMart is considered the most popular Joomla e-Commerce extension. Of course, it does not get that reputation for no reasons. Not only being the pioneer of Joomla online shop solution but VirtueMart has also been improved continuously for the past 10 years.

VirtueMart 3 was released late last year with many new easing features - which promise to satisfied both shop owners and developers. Besides its compatibility with Joomla 3.x, users can easily experience the changes such as clearer architecture, more stable interface and more effective performance. While you can take full advantage of its built-in features, you can also look out for more VirtueMart extensions to complete your website.

Price: Free

JED Reviews: 4.4/5

Main Advantages:

  • Maintain all Joomla! 2.5 product support
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Various templates and layout per category
  • SEM/SEO friendly with meta tags
  • Multilingual
  • Auto update currency rates
  • Excellent community support

Payment Gateway: Paypal, System Pay, Payzen, Klarna, Cash on delivery included

Notice: You need to understand basic Joomla framework before setting up VirtueMart.

Perfectly Sync with: JSN Ferado & JSN Force

JSN Ferado

JSN Force



HikaShop’s core values are simplicity and flexibility. Those are included in all of its editions: HikaShop Starter, HikaShop Essential and HikaShop Business. You can choose which edition you like based on your purpose.

HikaShop’s look is quite basic, to be honest. You have to purchase one of the commercial versions and know a little bit of CSS and HTML to beautify and tweak it around. However, don’t let just that put you off. HikaShop has received a huge number of positive reviews due to its powerful features package. Thus, you barely need to use any third-party extensions.


  • HikaShop Starter: Free
  • HikaShop Essential: €45.95
  • HikaShop Business: €99.90

JED Reviews: 5/5

Main Advantages:

  • Fully packed features
  • User-friendly and flexible interface with powerful dashboard customization
  • Quick and Easy setup
  • Efficient marketing tools: affiliate program support, coupons, discounts, etc.
  • Large quantity of language, currencies, zones and advanced taxes
  • RSS/Atom feeds and Social Network Support on categories and products
  • Great forum support and documentation

Payment Gateway: More than 70 payment plugins (Credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal,, etc.)

Notice: Don’t mind the not-so-attractive backend, effective features is what matters!

Perfectly Sync with: JSN Glass

JSN Glass



j2Store is totally different from other Joomla online shopping cart extensions. It’s impressively simple and straightforward. While others provide their own database with their own categories, product pages, etc.; j2Store got a completely new and innovative approach for e-Commerce CMS: it allows you to use your Joomla articles as products.

Although j2Store is the youngest out of this 3 extensions, it certainly have a lot of potentials to surpass many other’s peaks because of its simplicity and convenience.


  • Basic: Free
  • Standard: $39
  • Professional: $49
  • Developer: $99

JED Reviews: 5/5

Main Advantages:

  • Quick, easy to start and configure
  • Various tools to extend Joomla articles into product pages: add price, tax, use images, etc.
  • Powerful product options from physical products (clothes, cosmetics,…) to digital products (softwares, PDF files,…)
  • Multiple, Geozone based shipping methods
  • 100% Joomla MVC design
  • Quick and user-friendly one-page checkout
  • Helpful support team

Payment Gateway: PayPal,, Ogone, DIBS payments, iDEAL, CCAvenue, etc.

Notice: j2Store is perfect for small to medium shops with small database.

Perfectly Sync with: JSN One




All three extensions above are pretty polished; yet they clearly still remain some tiny flaws. It’s all over to you to decide which one is the best, the ideal component for you e-Commerce website. Just remember to evaluate them carefully depending on your business’s needs.

Or, you can relax and visit our Joomla eCommerce template gallery to choose the best look for your Joomla store. They’re all fine-looking and equipped with many features a hot-selling store would need.

Do you have any favorite Joomla eCommerce templates of your own? Feel free to share with us your recommendation below!

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