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Top 5 Joomla Virtuemart Templates You Can’t Miss

Top 5 Joomla Virtuemart Templates You Can’t Miss


Till now, Virtuemart still is the most popular platform for Joomla e-commerce. Besides, a lot of Virtuemart templates are published on the internet for the best experience of using this component. If you own a Virtuemart website, you can’t miss this post. The reason is it will show you the top 5 best Virtuemart templates on the market.

So, what are they?

1. JSN Force – JoomlaShine

JSN Force-JoomlaShine

Less is more!

Can you see any gradients or 3D illusions in this template?

Of course, the answer is “No”, because JSN believes that the flat, fresh and clean design of JSN Force brings the best experience for visitors.

In addition, please take a look at JSN Force; you can see that all products are categorized very logically with attractive images. Simple and not having redundant information, this template allows your customers to find products faster and easier on your website.

Furthermore, there are many fundamental features in JSN Force: painless configuration with   “install sample data”, SEO friendly, 130+ beautiful and elegant font icons, extended style for K2 and Kunera, etc. They bring you the best way to install and customize JSN Force for your ecommerce site.

Demo and Download

2. JA Vintas – Joomlart

ja vintas


Created in August 2012 and downloaded by 40,832 customers, doesn’t sound bad for a Virtuemart template like JA Vintas. This template really looks vintage, with classic motifs and colors. So, JA Vintas fits clothing or accessories or fashion stores. Aside from this, JA Vintas features K2 component, 4 menu styles, 6 bonus pages, 4 color themes, VirtueMart and responsive designs for tablet and mobile screens. 

Moreover, there are 5 complimentary extensions integrated into JA Vintas:

  • JA Extension Manager: manage your Joomla extensions easier.
  • JA Content Slider Module: slide your selected content with cool effects.
  • JA SlideShow Lite Module: display selected content in slideshow mode.
  • JA Login Module: alternate login module for Joomla.
  • JA Twitter Module: stream your latest tweets from your Twitter account on your site.

Demo and Download

3. Corporative – BDThemes

Corporative – BDThemes


What have we got here?

A Virtuemart template that is 100% ready for any type of corporate company, industry, shop, school, college, forum site, etc. In addition, by featuring Cute Slider plugin, K2 support, photo gallery, 600+ Google fonts and no limit of color combinations, Corporative template can suit any of the most grumpy customers’ needs.


This template really inspires me. If you’re looking for a super-template for your e-commerce website, here is it, absolutely!

Demo and Download

4. JSN Kido - JoomlaShine



After updating to version 3.0.3, the demo interface of JSN Kido looks more beautiful and attractive. In addition, VitueMart is integrated into the hompage of this template which help users choose products and go to the purchasing process easier and quicker.

I can list out here a lot of features that help you build an e-commerce website easily: “install sample data” mechanism, full documentation, Virtuemart component and K2 styling support, responsive layout, built-in SEO options.

If you’re looking for a VirtueMart template suitable for your online fashion shop, JSN Kido really is the best choice for you.

Demo and Download

5. Hot Watches – HotThemes



Despite the name of this Virtuemart template, Hot Watches was not only developed for selling watches, but also for selling in any kind of online store.

The product presentation of Hot Watches is very unique which can impress visitors. On the home and category pages, each tab shows the product name, short description and rotated image of the product. One main image is enough. However, on the separate pages, you can insert more images for more detail.

Does Hot Watches have any hot features?

Here are some of them:

  • Hot Watches includes Virtuemart in its package.
  • Flexibility powered by Sparky Framework.
  • Hot Effects Rotator and Hot Joomla Gallery modules pre-installed.
  • Hot Start (SQL dump) available.
  • PSD file is available.

Demo and Download

It only takes few minutes to read this post, but you should take the time to experience the templates yourself. I sure that you will love them, because they are the Top 5 Joomla Virtuemart you can’t miss.

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