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Top 5 Latest Free Stunning eCommerce Templates for Joomla 3.x

Top 5 Latest Free Stunning eCommerce Templates for Joomla 3.x


An ideal e-Commerce site should have:

  1. Stunning and up-to-the-minute visuals to display the store beautifully and trendily;
  2. Maximum leverage for Shopping Cart Extension to sell products;
  3. Must-have features of an e-Commerce site to make it the most profitable it can be;
  4. Joomla 3.x Compatibility to maximize the whole thing;
  5. Free Price, because duh, everyone loves free stuff.

It would be super great if there was a template that included all of these… Wait! Actually, there are - not just 1 but 5. Here they are!

1. JSN Ferado - JoomlaShine


Shopping Cart Extension Compatibility: VirtueMart

JSN Ferado is the newest template among these top 5. Released on April 17, 2015, to catch up with the various trends right now, it went with a never-outdated approach: Go vintage with a little modern touch. From top to bottom, JSN Ferado is filled with retro color palettes and unique typographies. The clean and diverse background colors will help your products stand out. The effectiveness of this template comes from the meticulous research done by the template's creators; it meets all the requirements for an ideal e-Commerce template: clear logo, product categories, visual banners/sliders, blogs, etc.

In addition, JSN Ferado also includes other essential features such as:

  • Free Built-in Joomla! Extensions: JSN PowerAdmin, JSN PageBuilder, JSN ImageShow, JSN Uniform,
  • QuickStart Package,
  • SEO Friendly,
  • Painless Configuration.

With all of these, JSN Ferado will definitely display your online store logically and attractively.

2. Shoe Store - OrdaSoft


Shopping Cart Extension Compatibility: VirtueMart

Another template that was born earlier this year - Shoe Store impresses users with its clean and minimal design. By the way, don’t mind its name! This template is not only for shoe stores; it perfectly matches with other kinds of online stores - from clothing to cosmetics. As you can see in the demo, Shoe Store is extremely simple and product-centered. Without the need for a complex layout or a flashy background, with this template, the main focus of your website will be the products to intrigue the customers.

Other features that you might find them helpful are:

  • Fully Responsive Design,
  • QuickStart Package,
  • Awesome jQuery effects.

3. JA Decor - JoomlArt


Shopping Cart Extension Compatibility: Mijoshop

Unlike other templates in this list, JA Decor stands out with its dynamic block layout design mixed with the metro design principle. Since its name is JA Decor, of course the template works extremely well with decor or interior design online shops. However, don’t let it stop you from choosing JA Decor as your favorite template just because you are not selling those kinds of products. If you are looking for a vivid and unique look for your online store, JA Decor is worth to try. It’s just as simple as that!

You should check JA Decor’s main features too:

  • Built on the latest T3 Framework compatible with Bootstrap3,
  • Mega-menu and Off-Canvas Menu,
  • Fully Responsive Design.

4. Cornershop - YouJoomla


Shopping Cart Extension Compatibility: Mijoshop & Hikashop

Following up with the latest web-design trends in 2015, Cornershop appears with a big header background image and typography. By using bold colors, the template would absolutely makes a strong impression with customers. Furthermore, the Cornershop template layout is flexible: you can switch easily from Full to Boxed width layout. It also provides a link color parameter for you to change the template to any color depending on your store’s characteristics as you please. Speaking of preferences, Cornershop does a great job in offering different choices to suit any type of online shop — it includes not one but two extended styles for Mijoshop and Hikashop. Cornershop is a perfect template for those who love to customize without touching too many lines of code.

Take a look at some of Cornershop’s features:

  • Built-in SEO features,
  • Advanced Template Admin,
  • Custom short-codes.

5. JSN One - JoomlaShine


Shopping Cart Extension Compatibility: j2Store

What distinguishes JSN One from other e-Commerce templates is its street-style-influenced design. Just by scrolling, you can easily sense the creative and youthful energy throughout the template. The clean background, vibrant colors and playful layout give your online store a ravishing visual display to show off and sell variety of products. All the items and categories are shown logically and attractively — creating an Instagram-like vibe and emphasizing the real-life settings to give the customers a clear idea of how the products can be utilized.

For your information, here are some other fundamental features of JSN One:

  • Fancy e-Commerce Modules,
  • Free Built-in Extensions: JSN PowerAdmin, JSN PageBuilder, JSN ImageShow, JSN Uniform,
  • Painless Configuration,
  • QuickStart Package.

Moreover, besides JSN One, many of JoomlaShine templates has been styled and work perfectly with J2 Store.


All of them are flawless, but of course, the decision is yours. It’s exceptionally important so take your time; you need to view and examine them closely and carefully. Remember that you need to check out the shopping cart extensions to choose the right one for you too - check out our choice for the Top 3 here.

Do you have your own suggestion of Joomla templates for an eCommerce website? Comment below and let’s share!

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