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Top 5 rated JoomlaShine eCommerce templates that work perfectly with J2Store


If you are using Joomla to develop an eCommerce site, sooner or later, you will come across J2Store, one of the top eCommerce Joomla extensions.

With its powerful features that help webmaster sell their products online easily, J2Store slowly achieve a firm place in Joomla community.

Therefore, to provide a complete solution for anyone who is both seeking an eCommerce extension and a beautiful Joomla template, we started a partnership with J2Store.

Till now, we have successfully released 5 Joomla eCommerce template that works perfectly with J2Store and through that, we are helping thousands of customers to maximize their profit with an optimized eCommerce template.

Before going into the detail of each template, let see what J2Store got to offer.

Why should you choose J2Store?

“Let's help newbies who want to start businesses online, set up a store on the web and manage it easily. We need to make the whole thing easy peasy. Pretty much a child's play.”

That is the goal of J2Store since the day it founded. In short, they want to help online business set up an eCommerce Shop as quick and easy as possible.

To do that, J2Store listen carefully to their targeted customers. They get rid of any fancy feature but hardly been used in previous eCommerce extensions. Focus only on those matters and make it lightweight, and easy to use. You could learn more about J2Store features here.

Remember, you can experience J2Store extension with our exclusive 25% discount.

Now, let’s take a look at those templates:

JSN Metro 2

JSN Metro 2 is the first template that JoomlaShine develops to work with J2Store. With its modern style design combined with a basic layout. JSN Metro 2 seems to fit with any website.

However, with J2Store integrated inside, many customers think it’s a nice idea to turn the template into an online shop that specializes in technology, fashion and gaming products.

JSN Bakery

Inspire by the amazing world of food, JSN Bakery was developed to be a one-page and eCommerce template that specializes in the restaurant business, an online food shop.

In this template, every part that essential to an online food shop is researched carefully and executed very well. From the font, the food menu to the ordering form.

With the help of the J2Store extension, JSN Bakery allows you to showcase all your products clearly and beautifully. You can almost taste the flavor just by looking at the menu.

JSN Power

Like its name, the template looks powerful itself. Focus on fitness sites; you can use JSN Power to build a health and exercise blog, a gym official website or being an online store that sells Whey.

It’s all up to you.

JSN Taste Tea

One of the most popular JoomlaShine templates. The idea of JSN Taste Tea does not stop at selling tea only but optimized for any single product store. Every section, image or layout was built to make that single product outstanding in the eyes of the customer.

With the simple modern design, it brings a new style to your website that attracts your customers at first glance. Integrated with J2Store extension, JSN Taste Tea is a good solution that helps to sell anything with ease.

JSN Miro

Last but not least, unlike any template before, JSN Miro embraces the idea of minimalism to its design. “Less is more”. The template strips down all the unnecessary design leave the template so simple yet so elegant.

With that idea, the product is getting the maximum attention of the visitor. Therefore, it’s suitable for furniture, electrical, or fashion store.

In Summary,

That’s it. That is our top 5 Joomla eCommerce template that works perfectly with J2Store. However, we will not stop with just 5 templates, there will be many more template integrated with J2Store in the future.

You now can experience all of these templates with our 25% discount for J2Store extension.

I hope our review will help you find the perfect template for your online business.

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