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Top Joomla Form Extensions Review: More Powerful Features

Top Joomla Form Extensions Review: More Powerful Features


Let’s not beat around the bush. Here in this article I’m going to introduce you to our top-ranked Joomla! form extensions review. These extensions are by far with the highest overall scores and compliments from its users. They are constantly improved with a lot of new advanced features to cater the increasing demands from Joomla users.

Check out these top Joomla! form extensions below and pick your favorite to improve your website’s information efficiency.



Price: €0-€79


PayPal support

New to ProForm is the built-in PayPal support. Although many other Joomla form extensions have this feature a long time ago, it still marks a big change for ProForm that they have improved a lot to catch up with the world. However, one minus point is that you must be experienced in Javascript to add or subtract values based on submission because this PayPal feature has no extensive calculation functions.

Joomla form extensions review-PayPal support


Security Enhancement

From now on you can protect your forms with 5 Captcha techniques including reCaptcha, Spam traps, and sending time review. Perhaps I don’t have to mention reCapcha any more because it’s as old as the Earth already.

Let’s talk about the latter features. With built-in spam traps, you can determine a minimum transmission time which declares all submissions as spam if they were transmitted faster than this time. These security measures do help you safely turn off the Captcha and enhance your site’s security.

Joomla form extensions review-security enhancement


New Layout System

You can freely leash out your creativity with ProForm's new layout system. The layouts help arranging positions for form element groups which can be wrapped by an HTML decoration and be limited in their bounds. Another new feature of ProForms is extra HTML between form fields. These two new features makes ProForms to the ideal form tool for creatives. They are very easy to use once you understand the system behind.

Joomla form extensions review-new layout system


My opinion: ProForm is widely used for its easy use and many expansion options. Although you may find it a bit difficult in the beginning when you're not used to making forms, but after you made one form, you're good to go. However, the only thing that keeps ProForm behind is it’s not very beautiful and doesn’t have a trendy user interface. That requires your coding knowledge to style the form as you need.



Price: $0-$69


Payment Integration

Aside from PayPal which comes with JSN UniForm by default, JoomlaShine has recently added 3 most popular payment gateways for this powerful extension: Stripe,, and 2Checkout. These payment gateways give more options for your site users to process checkout without having to manually insert shipping information. Plus, the configuration for these payment plugins in JSN UniForm is just like a breeze with the new plugin manager mechanism.

Learn how to create a payment form using JSN UniForm


PHP Script

This advanced option gives your more possibilities to do with your forms. With some PHP/ My SQL/JavaScript knowledge, now you can add custom PHP code in different parts of the form instead of editing the source code. This sure gives more room for you to build the types of form you want more flexibly.

Joomla form extensions review-scripts


Preview Option

Obviously, you will never want your customers to reach an unfinished form full of errors, won’t you?

The Preview Option of JSN UniForm is born to work out the problem. After setting up your form or making any changes in it, simply hit Preview button to make sure whether it looks good on your site before it goes live. You don’t even have to save anything, too.



Who says a form can’t be good for SEO?

JSN Uniform is updated to add more value in your site’s overall SEO optimization. Instead of navigating to menu item, JSN UniForm allows users to set up meta description, meta keywords and semantic code right on the form. Really save your time & helpful, right?

Joomla form extensions review- SEO-friendly

My Opinion: JSN UniForm is very flexible with well-designed and slick user interface. You can build almost any kind of form and the resulting forms will work well as you would expect. My only comment is that JSN Uniform has currently no custom styling for fields, so it requires some proper JavaScript knowledge in order to customize it as your own.



Price: $29-$70


BreezingCommerce integration

Crosstec has announced an eCommerce system called BreezingCommerce lately. With the aim of integrating BreezingForms into the shopping cart, users now are able to configure the shopping products with fiddle free. That is to say, BreezingForms said farewell to their buddy VirtueMart from now on since there were some problems with the cart between these two distinct projects.

Joomla form extensions review-eCommerce integration


Modern scrolling OnePage forms

Another new feature for BreezingForms is OnePage forms. As the name says, OnePage Forms helps displaying your form on a single page and scrolling through them when hitting the button “next”. Users won’t have to switch pages and wait for loading them any more.

Joomla form extensions review-scrolling onepage forms


Telegram messenger support

Seeking a messaging app with a primary focus on the speed and security for your forms? You need to search no more because BreezingForms gives you what you need.

Just like WhatsApp but with even more stunning features, Telegram integration supports regular chats, group chats, and bots. As for users landing on website using mobile devices specifically, telegram integration enables them to send notifications, upload files (photos, videos, documents) as well as PDF, CSV, XML exports.


My Opinion: BreezingForms is not so easy to use as the other Joomla form extensions when there are a lot of complex customization settings for advanced features like the above-mentioned ones. Initially, it will take you some time to get the ins and outs of BreezingForms.


So what is the most suitable Joomla! Form extension for me?

Well, it really depends on your actual requests for a Joomla form: Which features do you need and which features don’t? What is the range of money that you can afford to buy an extension? With the simplicity of use, different payment option integration, 7 pre-made forms like contact form, customer feedback form, job application form, etc., and tons of other convenient features, JSN Uniform can be the best choice for you.

Hope that with the top Joomla form extensions mentioned in this article, you have a little more information to make up your mind.

What other Joomla form extension are you using? What extensions do you want us to review next time? Please feel free to leave your comment below.

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