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Top Joomla 3.5 extensions to power up your marketing message

Top Joomla 3.5 extensions to power up your marketing message


A marketing message or an offer can only be successful when hitting its target audience at the right time, in the right place.  

So how can you  convey your marketing message in the best way? These top Joomla 3.5 extensions below will help you get the most out of your marketing’s power.


1. Responsive Scroll Triggered Box

Ever thought about asking website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter list right after reading an article? Or keeping customers stay longer on your page with a message when they’re about to close? Or displaying a coupon code when your customers have been spending a long time at your pricing table?

Responsive Scroll Triggered Box can do these all. This powerful and smart Joomla 3.5 extension allows you to display the popup window on your site whenever you want. You can control exactly when the box should be triggered, based on customer’s behavior or their delay time.

With 60+ transition effects, intuitive admin panel and a lot of click-to-choose configuration fields, you can customize the popup easily in multiple ways to fit your need.

Responsive Scroll Triggered Box - Joomla 3.5 extensions


2. Acymailing

Followup email is an effective way to get better conversion rate from your customers, right? AcyMailing is a hero to help your marketing message reach your customer’s inbox very effectively. It can segment your customer list into different specific categories.

Plus, Acymailing allows you to automatically create email sequence to stay connected and take care of your customers. You can setup the sending email time or define which email it will send depend on your customers' behaviors in the last email. All can be configured within minutes without any hassle.

Acymailing - Joomla 3.5 extensions


3. Shareholic

Shareholic is not a Joomla extension however I still want to place it among this list.

Shareholic is an online service that allows you to show the share buttons in a smart way with a clear call-to-action and a beautiful style. It makes your customers feel more motivated to share your page. Sharing your site’s content is easy and precise with Shareholic, too.

This service is totally free plus an excellent admin dashboard. All you need to do is just copy a code and paste it to your article and it will work as a charm. You will have a very detailed instruction at each step of its installation so there’s no trouble to set Shareholic up.

Shareholic Display


4. SocialAds

SocialAds is an extremely effective advertising solution for any Joomla user. With SocialAds, you can deliver your promotional message to the right customer in minutes based on multiple targeting options such as geo targeting, social targeting, and context targeting.

The admin dashboard is designed with great UX. It’s clean, simple and easy to follow. No need to read any documentation, and you still can get everything done within a few minutes.

SocialAds - Joomla 3.5 extensions

What marketing tools are you using for your Joomla website?

So above are my collection of the top Joomla 3.5 extensions to help me communicate with customer better and transfer my message more effective. Do you have any other suggestion? Or do you have any way to deliver your message better. Let's discuss in the comment box below.

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