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Top shared Joomla extension reviews to use Joomla with ease

Top shared Joomla extension reviews to use Joomla with ease


So it’s the end of the year. When looking back to the most popular articles in our Knowledge Portal, we realize that Joomla extension review series takes the spotlight.

So, let’s make a sum up of the best Joomla extension reviews by JoomlaShine this year. I guess that you’ve been quite enjoying them, right? There are totally 22 Joomla 3.x extensions were put on the scale to compare with each other. The number will increase with our next reviews so stay close to JoomlaShine next article, will you?

Feel free to share, save or bookmark…this collection for your reference when looking up for Joomla extensions ;) They will come in handy when needed.

5 powerful Joomla 3.x extensions to ease your work

These are truly headache-reliever stress-eliminator Joomla extensions for you. With these weapons, you can minimize the time needed to build your Joomla website – even you are not an expert in coding. Find more free time in your developer life with a good page builder, an effective module manager, an SEO manager, and two more thumb-up extensions!

5 Joomla 3.x extensions to present web content visually

It’s about saving time for building Joomla website. Now it’s about making your Joomla sites look good with its content, in an easy and quick way. Again, no coding knowledge needed. You’ll have the information of JSN EasySlider, Beautiful CK, Raxo All-mode PRO, Responsive Scroll Triggered Box and aikon Awesome Compare to choose from.

Tools to manage multiple Joomla websites with ease

 If you’re managing many Joomla websites at once or have multiple Joomla sites in the same instance, you should consider these two awesome tools to make your life easier: MightySites and

Best Joomla administration extensions for Joomla 3.x you can't ignore

And you’re looking for some life-saving tools to nail the administration task too?

Look up for the right Joomla admin extensions within this review. We’re proud that JSN PowerAdmin is always among the very first choices for you with simplifying Joomla administration.

Top Joomla help desk extensions for Joomla 3.x worth giving a try

Okay. Building websites is not enough. You will need to help your client to optimize your website for sales and conversion too. In this case, adding a quality Joomla help desk into your website is a good idea. We put 5 popular Joomla help desk extensions in comparison with pros and cons to help you choose yours.

Top 3 Joomla 3.x e-Commerce extensions

Just as important as the help desk extensions, a good eCommerce extension for your eCommerce Joomla website is also a critical factor. But, there are too many Joomla eCommerce extensions out there so what you should choose for yourself?

Just take a look at this comparison of the most 3 popular Joomla eCommerce extensions and maybe you can make up your choice!

Which Joomla extensions do you want us to review next? Just drop your words in the comment section below, we’re more than willing to help!

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