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Ultimate guide to make your web content look awesome

Ultimate guide to make your web content look awesome

Who doesn’t want stunning visuals for their website content? Awesome graphics definitely would bring more traffic, gets more shares and boosts engagement more than just plain-text content as I mentioned in my last article:The Importance of Visual Content on Web. I know, not every one of you is a designer or a Photoshop master; but don’t worry, here are some basic principles to help you create beautiful graphics that people will love.

10 Awesome Types of Visual Content

Before starting to create anything, you need to choose the most suitable content type that can deliver your message effectively:

  1. Eye-catching photographs: Show the “behind the scenes” of your brand or your product in action.
  2. Inspiring Quote Cards: Good Quotes get shared. Choose quotes that reflect your brand values and remember to use your brand’s palette, type style and aesthetic to tailor it!
  3. Strong Calls to Action: “Buy Now”, “Click Here”, etc. - they are perfect for promoting sales, events, offers and any other exclusive content.
  4. Branded Images: Use imagery that reflects your brand’s unique selling points to capture your brand values.
  5. Interesting Data Visualizations: Communicate important facts to your audience via maps, charts, graphs, diagrams, etc.
  6. Engaging Videos: Youtube, Vimeo or Wistia embedded right into a post will give your brand a literal voice and sound.
  7. Tips, Tricks and How-To’s: Recipes, tutorials, “life hacks” or anything in between can help to construct a wise and intelligent tone for your brand.
  8. Informative Screenshots: Tease an article, show off features of your site/program or some positive customer reviews.
  9. Thought-Provoking Questions: Presenting your question as an image will encourage sharing of your content and help break the fourth wall between business and consumers.
  10. Infographics: Compress a lot of information into one visual medium; this makes the information a lot easer to follow.

(Source: Design School)

Designing Visual Content

Not only professional designers can create beautiful graphics. By following some basic principles, you can also transfer your message in an attractive visual.

  1. Typography: Choose legible and appropriate fonts to properly communicate your message
  2. Color: Use no more than FIVE colors (can be in different shades) in one single image
  3. White Space: Avoid cluttered and incoherent messages by incorporating white space
  4. Icons: Keep them simple, universal and easy to understand
  5. Callouts: Use callouts sparingly to highlight only key information
  6. Illustrations: Must match the tone and subject matter to enhance the content message
  7. Accuracy: Represent values proportionately to avoid deception
  8. Simplicity: Steer clear of unnecessary design elements
  9. Layout: Stay consistent with your format
  10. Comparison: Make it easy to compare data values

Presenting a SlideShow of Visual Content

Visual content alone is a powerful mode of communication. However, if you have the bulk of videos, images, animations, etc. with same topic, drag all of them together and give them the magic of motion! A slideshow/slider is a much more attention grabbing method than conventional static web content. It has the potential to elicit surprise and delight from your customers.

  1. Planning: Create an outline to make sure it follows a logical or chronological sequence
  2. Restraint: Be selective, don't cram in everything you know. Keep the number of slides below 10
  3. First Impression: Make sure the first frame is intriguing enough for customers to be curious
  4. Cohesion: Cover the whole slider with one topic, one concept, one font & color scheme
  5. Effects: Utilize the right amount of both animation effects for slide elements and slide transition effects to illustrate your concepts and patterns in an easily digestible manner.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Silly!). You need to make your content and your visuals as clear and concise as possible. Practice makes perfect, so give it a try! Good luck in creating your next awesome visual content!

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