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[VIDEO TUTORIAL] Joomla 3.x SEO configuration

[VIDEO TUTORIAL] Joomla 3.x SEO configuration

If you've started with a default Joomla! installation, you should prepare your Joomla page for the best search engine optimization. This video tutorial will guide you with 8 steps. Just 4 minutes and your site is ready for Google crawling.


Here I will list down the main content of this video. So you can easily copy the code or understand quickly what you will do:

Main content for video Joomla Seo onpage:

1. Rename htaccess.txt To .htaccess

You have to change this file to enable URL rewriting to have search engine friendly URLs.

With Window , you can rename this file via CMD.

Start --> Run --> Cmd

Then type: 

rename c:\pathtoyourhtaccessfile\htaccess.txt .htaccess

2. Enable Sef Urls

Make your link readable and make sense to both human and search engines.

3. Allow Google to access image

When you are ready with image optimization, you should allow Google to index your images.

Note: From Joomla 3.3 update, the line "Disallow: /images/" is removed from the robots.txt

4. Use H1 headings instead of H2

Joomla by default sets your title as H2 tag. It should be H1 tag for the best SEO performance. So it's better for you to update H1 instead of H2. There are 2 ways to do this:

  • Hide title of page + add H1 in html: You can hide the title of your page and set the title as H1 in the content.
  • Use extension Header tags: This extension will help you change H2 tag to H1 with just clicks

5. Use Alt Attribute for image

Texts in Alt tags are “counted” by Google and Bing so they are very important and you need to update it. The best way to optimize ALT tag is: Use ALT attribute text for descriptive text that helps visitors understand it, with your keyword included.

6. Redirect non-www to www.

This is one of the most important things you should do to avoid URL’s dubplication. It’s very easy to setup the redirection in your .htaccess file with this below code:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]

7. Manage meta tags

Meta title and meta description are 2 things display in your search result to attract your customer. So you should write them in an interesting way; with keyword included to have higher rank easily and stand out in the crowd.

8. Enable Gzip

Gzip is the effective tool for file compression. It reduces  file size about 50% and helps to shrink server response time.

To enable Gzip in Joomla! CMS, head over to Global configuration > server and click on option 'Yes' for Gzip compression.

What do you think of this tutorial? Is it helpful for you? Leave us your thoughts below.

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