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Welcome to our entirely new JoomlaShine website!

Welcome to our entirely new JoomlaShine website!


Our new website is ready after migrating all the pieces of a revolutionary design and development. An immerse UX destination. The first ever, with Joomlashine.

You might wonder what’s inside. And here is the answer:

All-new appearance

Radically different with a modern look and feel. Every element is designed with performance in mind: From mesmeric navigation to advanced typography and stunning graphic effects. Now the interface is crisp, intuitive and enjoyable. You are going to love it.


Mobile support

You can visit Joomlashine website from a mobile device. It is now responsive, adapting to all display resolutions - desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Just check out new products or read blog posts wherever and whenever you want to.

A search module integrated

Searching for information you care about is easier than ever with a search module integrated into the website. Just input the terms into the search box in the top right, the result list will be displayed immediately, with highlighted keywords. This module utilizes Javascript, Mootools and a full Google Search integration.

Enhanced shopping cart

Everything is now fresh, not only the design but also the way you shop online. Want to buy something from us? Use the new generation of shopping cart to order, pay and get the product. You can experience its cutting-edge features and blazing fast speed we developed exclusively for you.

Freebies section

We strengthen the Joomla community in our own way - Providing free yet high-quality stuff: Templates, extensions and e-books. Now they are all gathered in a hub. You can just come to one place to get them all!


SSL certification

We have implemented SSL certification from Geotrust to our website. The security of digital transactions is maximized with domain control validation, 256-bit SSL encryption and 2048-bit root. You are able to rest assureed that our site is secure and trustworthy with this protection.

We hope you enjoy it. As usual, if you have any feedback, just let us know in the comment system below.

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