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What Is The Difference Between JoomlaShine Free vs Pro Templates [Infographic]


Hello dears!

Have you ever wondered about the difference between Free vs Pro Editions of JoomlaShine templates, and what you will get when you grab a Pro template? I am 100% sure that these questions have occurred to everyone. Hence, in this blog post, our team is more than excited to provide you with an infographic, which compares Free and Pro templates side by side, as well as some analysis of some outstanding features that you might not know about JoomlaShine templates.


In brief, it is quite easy to recognize the core difference between a Free and a Pro Edition when you access the download area and have a look at the chart:

  • Support

Three basic levels of JoomlaShine templates exist: Free, Pro Standard and Pro Unlimited. As you move up the ladder from free to pro unlimited, you typically get more support.

A Free template provides bug-fix only support; meanwhile, in the Pro Standard and Pro Unlimited templates, we serve every need of customers from 03 to 12 months, including domain support.

free vs pro



However, I think it cannot convince you that this is all information you need. So just relax and calm down because I am gonna tell you more details about the distinction between the back-end and front-end in the 2 template types.

  • Back-end

When you go inside the back-end of JSN templates, there are some masked features in the Free template.

free vs pro


In contrast, the Pro template gives you all the features, which can help you to perform administration much easier. They are all supported by JSN PowerAdmin that helps you create your own Joomla website exactly as you wish.

  • Front-end

To be honest, a Free Edition means that our Joomla template is freely available to the public, so it cannot be denied that this edition will lack some gorgeous features.

There are 3 highlight features, which can help you distinguish most between Free and Pro versions:

Responsive layout

Pro Edition are proudly aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience - easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling - across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors). Our Pro templates have stunning visual display on every device.



Unfortunately, in the Free Edition, this functionality is not optimized and so it has only a beautiful look on personal or desktop computers.

Uniicons and social icons

In the top menu of Pro version, it allows you to arrange menu items in horizontal line and assign icons to them. All icons are configured directly in menu item settings page, which is very convenient. Moreover, these editions integrate social icons that help the consumers to interact with the companies better via social media.



However, Uniicons and social icons are not yet supported in the Free version.

Extended style

One of the hottest features in each of our Pro templates is extended styles that are adapted for popular Joomla! Extensions such as K2, Kunena, DJ-Extensions...



It is a pity that this great feature is also not available in the Free template now.

Besides the 3 outstanding features listed above, there are some different functionalities between the Free and Pro Editions.

  • Other front-end features:




    Only 1 color style

    6 color styles

    Only 2 box styles

    6 module box styles

    Only 1 font style, without web fonts

    3 font styles with Google web fonts

    Without Sitetools


    No CSS3 effects

    CSS3 effects

    No side menu

    Side menu

    Without module styles “display-dropdown”, “display-inline”

    “display-dropdown”, “display-inline” module style

    Less typography

    Full typography

    Without printing optimization

    Printing optimization

    No CSS/JS compression

    CSS/JS compression

    Without analytics code support

    Analytics code support

    Without custom assets support

    Custom assets support


In this article, we have also provided you with an infographic that helps you to clarify the difference between the 2 editions in detail:


  • Which one is Better for YOU?

After the analysis, as well as the comparison infographic for Free and Pro templates, I think that cost should not be the primary factor in your decision, though it’s always important to recognize a simple truth - you get what you pay for, with numerous additional features. It is your site, your brand, and your voice. The deciding point is how you wish to present yourself. I believe that now you can decide which one is better for you. We hope all our awesome templates can bring your site bubbling to the top and conquer the world!

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