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What’s new in JSN UniForm version 3.0.0?

What’s new in JSN UniForm version 3.0.0?


JSN UniForm gives Joomla users a solution for creating diverse content. It’s easy-to-use, but still so practical and sophisticated. People think it’s good, but we want to keep making it better, improving it and adding more new features, so that’s why we have a brand new version of JSN UniForm – JSN UniForm 3.0.0.

This is a major update of JSN UniForm, from version 2.0.1 to 3.0.0, with big changes in the database. Moreover, we have added new features that I think you will be happy to hear about. Now, let’s see what’s new in this version!

Google Map integration

JSN UniForm provides you with a lot of fields like checkboxs, dropdowns, multiple choices, lists, countries, etc. Now, we have added one more field that you might like, and that’s Google Maps. Now, like other fields, you can select it in ‘Form Settings’, and then give it the value you want, such as title, description, image, link, save, and also choose the way you want it to be shown.


Custom HTML for Custom Message

There are 5 types of post-submission action we provided you with in the previous version of JSN UniForm. You could choose to take no action, redirect to a URL, redirect to a menu item, show an article, or show a custom message. In this latest version 3.0.0, we have added the ability to show a custom HTML message - in the option “Show custom message”.


Attach files in Email Notifications

From now on, when a user submits a form in which they attach some files, these files can be sent [in an email] to the website administrator, and also attached to a confirmation email that is sent back to the user. You can choose to send as many submitted files as you want. We hope that you find this feature useful!

Tick in the box of attached file

Above are some quick notes about the new features of JSN UniForm 3.0.0. Detailed guidelines showing you how to use them all have already been presented in JSN UniForm’s documentation. You can enjoy it now!

Download JSN UniForm

If you have any comments, please let us know, we appreciate it!


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